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can't believe i'm about to write this....

i got a BFP this morning on CB! just did CBD to make sure as DH was starting to put doubts in mind ("are you sure they are accurate?!") and it came up "pregnant"

i just can't believe it!

although i really really should - today i have had the worst nausea i have ever had. i'd dreamed of jumping up and down with pure excitement if i ever got a bfp but my nausea has restrained me to some very big smiles and a hug with my DH (but not too much as i don't like anyone near me when i feel nauseous!). i thought i would get a few days before the nausea kicked in, but it kicked in at 1am - thought it was something I'd eaten but DH ok and i tested at 6am!

my two new best friends are my wrist bands image

i'm still in shock!!

i'd tested at weekend with sainsburys pg tests and got what i thought was evap lines but then googling evap lines a small glint of hope came to me as it says they don't usually have any colour but mine did.
also had AF pains sunday and yesterday and was so convinced AF was coming even though i only ever get AF pains on day of full flow. today was CD33, last 2 cycles 26 days but i ov'd late around CD18.

i know there is a long way to go yet but looks like i **might** be getting a christmas pudding after all!

good luck and babydust to you all, i couldn't have done it without your support!
(**runs off to take some deep breaths of fresh air**)


  • Oh WELL DONE!!!

    Christmas Pudding all the way for you hun!!

  • OMG you kept that quiet this am. thats 3 bfps today alone. Congratulations hun and yes cbd's are my best friends too now. Woo hoo, take care and sticky babydust
    Filo x
  • omg congratulations!!
    Can't believe there have already been so many bfps this month!!
  • thank you!!!!!

    filo - i really did want to announce it this morning but a) still couldn't believe it and b) was feeling too ill and was having to concentrate on getting ready to get bus at 7am!!
  • Congratulations Mrs E!!!!

    Yay for CBD!!!

  • Whoooohoooooo, congratulations. Fantastic news
  • WoooooHoooooo!!!! image

    Fab news mrs_e! Sending tons of sticky baby dust to you, have a fantastic and very healthy pg.

    See you in the Dec forum! xx

  • wow mrs e congratulations
  • This is fabulous news Mrs E... Congratulations...

    See you in the Dec forum...

  • that's fab news, congratulations xxx
  • Congratulations babe!!!

    Brilliant news - Have a brill pregnancy

    Love Lee
  • Congratulations well done thats fantastic news.

    PLEASE what is the secret? xx

    all the best xx
  • congratulations, i been checking back every couple of days to see what your results were going to be! well done and have a happy and healthy 9 months x
  • Congratulations mrs e, really pleased for you and hope you have a healthy enjoyable pregnancy.x
  • Congratulations - that is great new. Best wished for healthy pregnancy & delivery and a great christmas !! xx
  • Congratulations!! That's fantastic news image
  • Another one ! :LOL:
    well done Mrs E - congratulations and god luck for a safe healthy pregnancy

  • WOO HOO Mrs E - congratulations - now breath image

    SB - you are not alone, I am standing right by your side (well apart from when you are.... well.... "getting some" imageimage then I am definitely in a different room with ear plugs in :lol:

    We will go find them in the PG forum soon I am sure - it has to be our turn soon - or else mother nature is to expect a serious talking to from me image

    Sorry Mrs E gate crashed a bit there - very chuffed for you, here's to a happy and healthy 9 months - don't forget your old friends in TTC image

  • Congratulations honey have afab 9 months!

    Can't believe how many have the "old crew" have moved on so recently! Congrats 2 u all!

    I'm still here too SB, but if u don't mind i'll stay in the other room with mrsjules while ur "knocking boots"
  • Congratulations MRS_E! What a fab news...
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