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hi was just wondering if anyone knows if this is normal or have experienced it. for the past four days i have had a terrible pain on my left side nr my ribcage the pain is unbearable. i went to see the midwife yesterday for a appointment and told her she said if it continues or gets worse then i need to see the doctor everything was fine at the midwife appointment wot cud it be ?

34+4 xxxx


  • is it when abby kicks or moves? i get a pain under my ribs, like a sharp painit think its coz my baby is breech at mo,dnt know it its the same thing hun, try not to worry xxxx


  • no hunny its all the blumming time only time it eases is when i am asleep i dont know wot is happening xxxxxx
  • I get this too, as well as pins and needles in the same area. I think its just baby lying on a nerve. Mine is head down so keep getting knees and feet in my ribs - lovely.
  • yes baby is lying down too and i get a few pins and needles great aint it oh the joys lol
  • Hi Katie Lou

    Yep, I am having the same pain, and my midwfie doesn't know what it is either!!

    Very frustrating as it is painful and preventing me from sleeping...but it's not the end of the world, and only 11 weeks to go now!!!

    Sam xx
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