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20 week scannn....

... and it is a boy!!! Most probably will be called Hugo (middle name) Hurri.

Was a bit of surprise for us, as my bf thought it was a girl, I didnt have thoughts on it hehehe... Now it is a willy in my tummy!!!

Baby was all healthy, had a pretty spine and feets and fingers ... nice beating heart! And a willy!

And all that is in my family is girls!!! We re breaking the family rule of having girls ahhahaahha

Nice! I bought some genuine boy stuff from gap! One body suit, one little romper thingy and socks! (I wanna shoopppp moooooooore!!!)

I hope all you ladies and babies are doing great!!!!


  • lol a willy in your tummy that made me giggle!!!
    Tammi xxx 30.6 weeks
  • congrats fooxoo
    im havin a lil man too - never thought about havin a willy in my tummy - kinda weird.
    enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy
    elaine xx
  • Heheheh, thanks girls!

    I have to get used to the boy! I have experience with girls only :P:P

    So bf is on nappy duty!
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