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won't give up the bottle


I have a wierd situation. My daughter's four and just won't give up the bottle! I nursed her for a year and ever since then she's been on one bottle at night. Shedrinks juice, water and even milk from a regular cup during the day, but at night she needs the bottle!

I've tried everything. Finally she's given up milk in the bottle in fear of cavaties, and drinks water in it instead! she's otherwise a basically good kid.. Any advice?


  • Hi - if she's only having water and not having it at any other time I wouldn't worry about it. There must be loads of kids that have dummies and suck their thumbs and I know of a boy in primary school that must be older than you daughter that still has his milk in a bottle.
    You could give her less and less or go away and not take it with you but she obviously finds it comforting to have it as part of her routine and if she's happy to go to bed then I'm sure its not the end of the world. I'm sure she will gro out of it when she is ready!
    sorry thats not actually that helpful!
  • Actually that is really helpful - you're the first person who's said that too me!! I feel better. I had a baby three months ago and she seems to be holding on to the bottle more after that... Will try not taking it on our next trip.. thanks
  • That worked for my mum when my brother was younger...they took his bottle on hols but told him they'd left it behind..simple as that!
    We asked both my boys at about 2 yr old to choose their own special sports type bottle and they gave up their bottle in favour of a 'big boys bottle'. They both use cups now and have done for a while as we read a story downstairs b4 going up to bed and they can't take them upstairs.
    Hope the leaving behind trick works for you! x
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