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What r u looking forward to most about not being Pregnant

Okay dont get me wrong here, I absolutely love being pregnant. Even the swollen feet and heartburn. But with only 3 weeks to go I am starting to look wistfully at the high summer wedges and strappy sandals available and wishing I could wear them now. It has made me think about the fun things that I cant do now, or possibly while breastfeeding that I will do again, some day, eventually. So here's my list:

1) Wearing High Heels
2) Drinking white wine in the sun
3) Wearing underwired, push up Bras
4) Seeing people look at my Boobs instead of my belly (surprised myself with this one)
5) Buying underwear from Ann Summers instead of M&S
6) Being able to buy clothes from any shop instead of just Maternity shops/sections
7) Having only one chin
8) Having Sex with a choice of positions
9) Not peeing everytime I cough
10) Eating Brie and pate
11) PLaying rough and tumble with my oldest

I could go on and will probably add more. Reading my list it sounds like I walk around with my cleavage out in stillettoes normally which I swear I dont. That said I dont feel like a sexy blooming pregnant lady anymore and am looking forward to getting back to being me!


  • my list is
    1.being able to wear fashionable/sexy clothes +shoes(wedges)
    2..having a nice body again.
    3.being able to drink +socialise
    4.eating whatever foods u could'n eat wen preg
    5.wearing nice underwear from shops lyk ann summersimage
    cnt rli think of nethin else atm but i just really want my old body back
    abbie+bluebump 39+2

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  • Having my baby and eating cheesecake!

  • As awful as it sounds I am looking forward to going on a diet. I'm so down about my weight at the moment (have put on nearly two stone) and I absolutely hate the fact I can't do anything about it. Although of course the best thing will be finally having my little boy! xxx

  • Being bloody comfy! I'm sure this baby is on a mission to make me as uncomortable as possible!
    I guess I'm fortunate that I have only put weight on on my bump so I am quite happy being this shape and as I was hardly a trendsetter to start with the maternity clothes haven't been that bad.
  • I get that! I never worried about my weight before and didnt exercise much but keep looking at photos of me before being pregnant and am much smaller than I thought at the time. I'm looking forward to the challenge of losing weight and toning up, I'm really swollen now so not sure whats extra weight and what will sort itself out.
  • Not having backache and wearing heels, is the only thing I can think of at this moment, as well as some of the ones listed above.

    Nat. 33+6
  • being able to drink wine and bubbly, eating brie, able to wear nicer underwear again, having my little man and it will be interesting to see what size I end up after all this.
  • Beer, beer and more BEER! ice cold budwiser...!! (now i'm drooling)..yep thats what i cannot wait for (other than having my baby in my arms obviously!)
  • I cnt wait to be able to cut my own toe nails and walk up the stairs without feeling like a 90yr old woman. I also cnt wait for sex to not be awkward and not have ppl commenting on my shape. Oh and to be able to stay awake past 21.00, in doing well 2nite, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx
  • I cant wait for people to say "wow, look at you, you wouldnt think you had a young baby" (which of course they will!) instead of "bloody hell your huge"!!!!
  • All of the above and being able to sleep on my stomach!!
  • Well im only 13 weeks so this list may well grow but at the moment i really want fried eggs with runny yolk, rose wine, peanut m+ms and dry roasted peanuts. God i would love some peanuts.
  • Well as I'm only 10 weeks I'm not experiencing the other things yet, but I can't wait to stop feeling sick!!!
  • Just to be able to lay on my tummy and sleep properly will be bliss!!

    I know it will be broken sleep but oh to be comfy when I am!!!

    Also my poor back has really suffered this time so think as soon as I can lay on my belly will go and have a back massage mmmmmmmmm!!!!!

    Also dying to wear decent clothes, heels, not needing to pee constantly! Walking around without crutches - woop woop!!!

    Being able to have a bath without my tummy dancing around and being able to get out of it without losing my balance - that will be nice. Also the painting of toenails, shaving legs and bits without any effort!

    Feeling feminine again!

    As for a choice of sex positions - bring it on!!! Even being able to get close enough to OH for a cuddle would be nice (with him able to put both arms around me!!)

    Yep, I really cannot stand being pregnant this time and now have 8 wks til some of this is a reality - YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH

  • I'm with you oldermum. I just want to be able to sleep! Look at the time of our posts!!!!!!!

  • i would say sleeeeeeeeeeep but thats not likely is it. ok then maybe wearing nice knickers again and not having to wear panty liners that stop me from smelling like a hamsters cage.
    ooooh and wine lots and lots of wine! smaller boobs although they were a massive before. the thing im most looking forward to about not being pregnant is holding my LO where the bump used to be and looking at his/her face. ahhhhahhhh mushymushy weepweep. x
  • I can't wait to have a glass of rose, massive plate of brie, smoked salmon, peanuts and fried eggs. And like others have said sleepin on my tummy, oh how i miss that!
  • I can't wait to have a glass of rose, massive plate of brie, smoked salmon, peanuts and fried eggs. And like others have said sleepin on my tummy, oh how i miss that!
  • im lookin forward to goin back to weight watchers after puttin on 5 stone with my first baby then losing 3, then gettin pregnant again with this one and putting on 4!!! also goin to boxercise, painting my toenails, shaving my legs and being able to look at my bikini area would be great as its mission impossible at the mo!lol! only 9 days til due date though!x
  • Cant wait till I no longer feel sick at the sight of food, can walk around without having my belly groped, dippy eggs mmmm, alcohol and the best thing of all holding my baby in my arms at last. Oooh am so excited hehe and its mooooonths away lol

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