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Belly Button Trauma!


I just wondered how the rest of your belly button are looking?!?

Before I got pregnant my tummy button was an 'innie' and due to a laparoscopy (sp?) was virtually non existent, it was really, really tiny.

As soon as I started to show, it kind of grew, (went from being a slit to totally round) and then popped out, but it is starting to worry me because it is so huge. It just seems to be coming out further and further, to be honest I can't work out where all this skin is coming from. It's like my tummy is growing a nose! image

I am now 26+4, and it has become really hard where as it was completely soft last week (well, when I could bear to touch it) and very sore and tender, and I am worried that it could be a hernia? When my clothes brush against it, it makes me feel physically sick.

This is my first pregnancy so sorry if this question is stupid - I know that they often pop-out, but I never knew they got so uncomfortable.



  • sorry cnt be much help as to whethere its a hernia but mine is starting to pop out now and was an innie b4!its not sore or anything tho so maybe u should get it checked out,hanna 34 weeks x
  • Ooo good question... id had a laproscomy (sp - lol) too! The scar was really raised and made me feel sick to look at it.. let alone touch it... my belly button is getting more and more streched open making it shallower and shallower thinking only a matter of time before it 'pops'!

    25 weeks plus 2.
  • I'd get your GP to check it just to be sure if it's hurting
  • Mines not uncomfy but it does stick out far enough to be seem through my clothes! (I am 30 weeks now) If it hurts I would have a word with your doctor or midwife just to check everything is ok
  • I had a really nice neat innie too but by the time I was 40 weeks I could have poked the eye out of a small child I happened to brush past! LOL
    Mine was sore when it first popped out, I put this down to the, usually protected, skin rubbing against my clothes. Still best to get it checked out though.

    Hope all's ok
  • if its sore you should get it checked just to be safe xxx

  • Thanks for replying all. I have a midwife appointment next week so unless it gets worse will probably wait until then. Seems to have shrunk a bit today - pregnant bodies are just too weired! x
  • I've just been told today that my belly button looks disgusting!! It's popped out and I've got quite a thin top on today at work. Its really soft though, and if I touch it, the baby moves x

  • Mine is flat at the moment, but kinda sticks out a little bit when i sit up or breathe out deeply. Don't want it to pop out tho it makes me feel a bit weird!
  • hia, my belly button looks like i have a grape down my top!! its sticking out so much. everytime i see someone i know they make a comment on how much it sticks out! i hope it goes back after lol! xx
  • I'm happy to report that mine is still an innie at 31+4! This is my 4th chid and my belly button has never popped out!

    Also, I have never had the linea nigra (brown line) on my belly - think this might be more common in darker skin?

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