Bloody SPD!!!

I hate being pregnant this time!!!

I feel such a damn failure at everything and its all coz of this bloody SPD!

It has completely ruined the last 3 months of my life and the way its going it is definately getting worse for the final 8 wks! There are just no "good days" anymore,

I am sat here in absolute agony and there is nothing I can do to ease it. I have got 15 mins til Oh gets in and I am really struggling to make him some dinner! Its a normal everyday bloody thing and it is killing me to do it! Thank god my 6 yr old has school dinners!

I hate letting my Oh see me in this state coz he feels guilty but he does sooo much! He has even learnt how to use the washing machine and iron! I cant let him come back from a 12 hour shift to no dinner!

Im sorry - I just needed to spew this somewhere and I really know there is nothing anyone can say or do!


  • Have been to physio but tbh not really done much good - the best thing she did was give me my crutches!!! Gave me a couple of exercises to do! She told me to ring her as was in pain getting there but whenever I have - shes never rung me back!

    I am having lo at Fairfield - are you local??? I asked my midwife today about the cot that attaches and she said I will defo get one! I have never heard of these before but its a brill idea - with my previous 2 they seemed so far away in their little cots!
  • I only live up the road to you - am in Ainsworth!!!

    Thanks for the tips about Fairfield - am going to arrange going to see it next week sometime! I am originally from Watford (200 miles away) and thats where my other 2 were born so I have no idea what to expect at Fairfield!

    Am wondering - because its elective will they make sure there is a clip-on cot available! My midwife is fantastic so will make a note to mention this to her.

    I have got to see the Physio again coz I need her to write SPD in huge letters over my notes I think. It is in there but sooo small am worried that they wont see it. Tried begging my midwife today to do overtime the day Im due to go in - got to tell her the exact date when I find out. Would be brill if I could talk her into being there lol
  • Ive been up here for 2 years and I still find it "strange" lol!!!

    Am bit lonely though - feel really cut off, especially being "housebound" 80% of the time now! Are there a lot of things to do around here when have had Tommy? I have my other son who is 6 so only really see people at the school when I take him. Wasnt sooo bad when I was working, but have been out of work since October.

    I know when I tell my midwife when im going in she would do her best to be there - i dont doubt her! She really really is a good one but I know they are understaffed so its pot luck really.

    Am gonna try to see the ward and delivery suite - maybe Sunday coz been told evenings and weekends are best time.
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