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products that helped me!!!

Hi ladies, I have been looking at the product recommendations on this website since i was pregnant and I have to say that its been great!! My favourite things that I have bought on advice from this site are: The medela swing breast pump: Its easy to use, quick and I have built up a substatial milk store already as well as increasing my milkflow. The angelcare sensor mat monitor: marvellous! really puts your mind at rest We love it. Boots steam steriliser: Simple and easy to use, looks good and works fast! Silver cross linear freeway pram.: lightwieght chassis, lovely comfy pram body and well worth the money. Thanks to you all on this site for helping to decide what to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:


  • Hi, yes the site is great for recommending equipment isn't it and saves you wasting money on silly gadgets - there used to be a baby wipes warmer - my hubby says that babies and weddings are big big business for companies as people get carried away into buying.....

    I've got the medela swing breast pump glad to hear it works well - I had the old version with DS2 but I didn't get much milk hopefully this one will be great. also we have the angelcare baby monitor from DS2 it's very reassuring isn't it.

    chelle x
  • I'd never heard of this breat pump before. Chellebell, if it's any good, please give a review. (As you say you didn't get much milk before.) I had my LO prem and I didn't have much milk. I breast fed (tried anyway) for about 6 weeks. If this one can help increase milk flow then I'm interested! That's IF we have another baby that is! Thanks image
  • mummysarahw - will do I'm hoping it will - july hopefully or end june if early.
  • Thanks! I can wait, we're not even TTC yet anyway, or even decided to have another :lol: But it would be nice to have another...
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