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Pains **UPDATE**


I am having what feels like throbbing pains that goes from my right side then accross my bump and then fade out, they don't really hurt but feel like period pains I suppose (it's very hard to describe).

Could this be lo sitting on nerves or something else? I don't want to call mw unless they get worse as don't want to end up in hospital for hours. Also could it have anything to do with a very mild uti I have at the mo as usually I would get the pain in my back with a uti.

Sorry for all the questions image


So I went to the hospital and peed in a hundred pots for them, The lovely mw then went to take my blood pressure while I layed on the bed and it was 79/33 which is super low, I then proceeded to pass out and vomit (god I love being pregnant lol) when I woke up I was on my left side with a dr and mw looking at me nervously and all I could say was "I'm really really sorry I hope I didn't get sick on your uniforms", they explained they thought it only happened as I was laying on my back originally and that the weight of my uterus was pressing on my arteries. They checked me for a uti and I don't have one so concluded that the pains were baby sitting on nerves as whenever I got in a certain position my right leg would shake lol. I do still have an achy belly today but I think it'd from all the prodding about I got.

Dr also said he thinks I have Diabeties as there was 4+glucose in my urine (anyone know what this means?) I had blood tests and will get the results on sat. Has anyone else had gestational diabeties? if so what happens? do I get extra checks for size of lo? Dr had a look at my 20 week scan resluts and said "my my your baby certainly has a big head" he showed me the graph and lo head was off the chart lol (must be all the brian).

PTB - bless you image I always appreciate any kind of support, I was totally freaking out thinking I was having the baby lol, it seems completely irrational now but I tend to panic at any given opportunity. I do hope you haven't POAS today ;\)


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  • oh and forgot to say I am 30 weeks image
  • anyone image I now have the pain in my right leg (like cramp) and my belly goes tight when I get up and walk around.

    Perhaps I should call the mw?

  • could be braxton hicks but im not sure. give the midwife a call just to ease your mind hun. ive not had pains like those b4 xx
  • Hey

    It's best to give the midwife a call just to be sure. I know it's a pain having to be checked but it puts your mind at rest. ;\)
  • Hmmmm they are still coming and have spoken to the mw and have to go to hospital at 3pm image a little bit sad as was hoping for some support from hubby but he seems to think I am causing a fuss over nothing and said "all pregnant women get pains" but because they are coming every few minutes I thought it best to speak to mw.

    Am I wasting time? I'm all confused now.

  • There is also pressure "down there". God pregnancy couldn't just be simple lol
  • your not wasting anyones time. its better to be safe than sorry xxxx
  • Thank you image

  • I def agree hun

    you're not wasting anyone's time. It's such a nightmare isn't it. I'm the same never quite sure but at the end of the day you know your body and what feels right or not quite. Trust yourself, think of it this way..

    if it's nothing to worry about that's fine at least you checked but if it wasn't quite then hubbys opinion would be very different i bet. Your doing the right thing. :\)

    Are you ok? at least it's not too long to wait could be worse!
  • You're not wasting time, they would not call you in for nothing and just want to check you over to make sure you are ok. Men can be so unsympathetic cant they?! Everyone gets colds too, but its sooo different when they get their 'man flu'!! :lol:

    Hope all goes well for you later hun xx

  • Thank you ladies my dh has since rung up and apologised and told me not to have the baby yet lol I promised him I would try my best image its so uncomfortable but hoping it might just be a uti.

  • your def doing the right thing and getting checked out. Hope to hear how you get on and that everything is fine.
    take care
  • Hi,
    Just wondering how you are and how the hospital went?? definately did the right thing ringing!!

    Why don't men just think first-it'd save our upset and their 'i'm sorry call'!!

    Let us know how you are
    Lydia xxx
  • I feel bad that you were so supportive of me this morning and I didn't get a chance to do the same - sorry Caz (not that I would have been much help as I have no experience, and would have just said the same as the other girls anyway.)

    Do let us know how it went. Always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Just read ur post and update - glad all seems to be ok. They will keep a reg chk on u and baby if u have GD - u shud be able to conrol the sugars by diet but may have to have injections if it can't be controlled. Most women do not go on to develop full blown diabetes from GD but it has been known.

    Take Care

  • Jakes mum had GD. They will keep an eye on you as it can cause big babies and they will check you afterwards as well. It doesn't always go. Hers didn't as she had some complications that I am not going to go into as I don't want to be seen as trying to scare you, 9/10 times it does go after baby is born though.
  • Ok cool - well fingers crossed I don't have it :S
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