Im still bf my lo whos 11 mths but am ttc no 6, i was just wondering if this could be stopping me from getting pregnant. Has anyone else managed to get pregnant whilst bf? Ive only been ttc for 3 mths but just very impatient! lol. xx


  • Hi hun, sounds like you're on a mission!
    I'm pregnant (22wks+5) with my first and therefore cannot answer your question, but found this online http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/18700/conceiving_while_breastfeeding.html
    So, you must really like the whole baby thing if you're going for number 6!! This is reassuring for me to read, as I'm petrified of the whole experience, especially the giving birth part!!! Gives me hope for more kids!! haha!!
    Good luck
  • Hey thanks for that minime, it was very helpful. According to that i should be ok as im only bf lo before bed and my periods returned 3 mths ago, so its all systems go! lol. I love children and love pregnancy and birth too. Im sure you will be fine, good luck with your pregnancy. Debs xx
  • My friend got pregnant while BF. She got pregnant when her LO was 8 months so she had cut her feeds down a bit by then.
  • I b/f my 1st until he was 5 months old.As soon as I stopped I got pregnant! My body just wasn't ready as I had a m/c just a couple of days after I found out.I was pregnant within 3 months of stopping.
  • I b/f my 1st until he was 5 months old.As soon as I stopped I got pregnant! My body just wasn't ready as I had a m/c just a couple of days after I found out.I was pregnant within 3 months of stopping.
  • hi im not sure about the breastfeeding part cause ive never done it, but hoping to with this one (my second), just wanted to comment on it being number 6!! that makes me so happy, i love when people have loads of kids, i want to be like that too, we have sort of agreed on 4, but we'll see how things go, welldone on the 5 you already have!!you must be so surrounded with love x


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  • Hi, I was breastfeeding my twins when i fell. They were just 8 months so i was weening them however they were still having a full feed morning and night and top ups during the day. we never had time to have sex so it was a miracle that i concieved! good luck with TTC no. 6 xx


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  • Getting pregnant is possible while bf even if you are doing it exclusively (though it's more rare). So you shouldn't have a problem. Good luck and hope no. 6 comes along soon, I agree with laura I think its fantastic when people have so many children.

    Wow doublebubble you deserve a medal BF twins for so long, it must have been tiring!!


  • Thanks Tiger Lily but honestly once youve got the knack bf is so much easier than bottle feeding all that sterilising and measuring formula is so time consuming. Flopping them out (what a lovely phrase lol) and feeding twins at the same time leaves you with two free hands to eat/change channel/ read etc I think the real challenge is feeding a baby when youve already got a kids so I think debbiemc needs a medal feeding a babe and looking after four others!! xxDBxx

  • I'm still in shock from reading that you are ttc number 6...you must be superwoman! :lol:

    (PS I'm a wimp and only just brave enough to bake no 1 in the oven at 32 :lol: )

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  • Awww, Thank you ladies your very kind! I just love my children and cant wait to be pregnant again! I hope everything runs smoothly for your pregnancys and births. Debs xx
  • Wow!!!!
    Your oh must be raking in the dosh.
    Good luck ttc hun, hope it doesn't take to long.
    You should definately get mother of the year some day :lol:



  • my sister in law got caught bf,im having baby no 5 feeling quite sick at the moe just 1month but cant belive how sick i feel never felt like this with all my sons hence thats why im going to have another go hopefuly it will be a girl
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