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how many words can your child say?

Hi just wondered if anyone has a child at around 18months -2? my son will be 19 months and can say around 35 words i was just wondering if this was advarage? thanks


  • My son is 17months and only really says daddy, mommy (generally when his upset!) and ta. He has his own versions of bath and drink that I understand.
    I am starting to worry a bit but everyone keeps telling me it'll just happen one day soon and he wont stop! lol.
  • Ds2 is 2 1/2 and is only just starting to learn about a word a day! He now can say about 30 proper words, but more 'made up' words. He is getting it at last and my hv said 2 weeks ago at his (overdue) 2 yr check, that as long as he could put two words together she was happy at his lack of real words!
    I wouldn't worry, either of you, as they do just get it!
    Ds1 on the other hand spoke about 400 words at 2yr old and hasn't stopped nattering us to death yet at 5yr old! Know which I prefer lol!
  • My son seems to be picking up words all the time lately, even words that we don't say very often which surpises me, but i do know that some kids decide to take evrything in and then all of a sudden just blurt everything out! My best friends son didnt talk til he was 3 and then she couldnt shut him up lol
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