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my sons starting nursery and im petrified!!!

I'm thinking of enrolling my son at nursery and i'm so scared! He's nearly 19 and a half months and so far me, his dad and his nan are the only people who have ever looked after him. His dad works days and i work night so we dont have to take him but he gets bored really easily and i thought it would be nice for him to have maybe just an afternoon a week at nursery so he can socialise with other kids. The nursery is the best in my area and has got brilliant ofsted reports but im petrified of leaving him! (am i just being irracional?)


  • It's normal to be a little nervous b4 you wave goodbye to your wee one but you must remember how good it will be for his social skills and development. At first he may cry, but that's normal too and shows good attachment but that does get better and soon they love going! Ds2 walked straight in to his pre-school, no tears, as he'd seen his older brother go there, which really helped me! I think it's worse on us mums - they soon get tucked into playing etc whereas we wonder what they're doing! You can ring your nursery after half hour or so of leaving him to check he's fine.
    Good luck!
  • Im the same my son is nearly 18 months and i decided it would be good for both of us if he went to nursery, firstly so he learns how to interacte with other children as we dont know any the same age as him and secondly so I can learn to be without him (for school etc) and be a person for a little rather then just a mom. Imagine not putting them in a nursery and never leaving them and the one day they go to school that would be worse for both!
    I'm settling my little one in the nursery over the next 2 weeks which is good as I can stay with him and then leave him for an hour and go back and extend the time everytime.
    I feel awful for doing it but know its better for us all in the long run!
  • The worse thing is if after a couple of weeks he's so excited to go and play with his friends that he won't even be bothered to say goodbye to you! my son ignores me completely and is so quickly absorbed in what he's playing he has to be told that i'm leaving and to say goodbye!! hows that for a kick in the guts!!! if he's on holiday he gets really bored and asks if he's going on that day!
    if he (or you) do find that he's not quite ready for that environment you could always try toddler groups or letting him go round to friends house to play and once he's used to that leaving him there and then his friend can come to you too. i am sure he will really enjoy it - especially if this nursery has such a good reputation - they will have a really caring environment.
    best of luck, julesy xx
  • Hi i've been for the forms today and im thinking of taking him 2 afternoons a week, as you have all said it will help him interact, plus with another one on the way it will give me a bit of time to sort things out. We went to a book start club today where they do crafts and sing songs ect and although he loved it, he was just running riot and being a bit rough with the other kids. He doesnt have anyone his own age to play with and all his cousins are 8 years plus so hes used to being a bit rougher! i hope he starts to settle down, i had to go to bed when i got back. I was shattered lol i'd rather do a night at work than run round after toddlers all day its tiring!
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