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Baby monitor

Can anyone recommend a good baby moniter. I bought the tomy freestyle one off ebay for my boys but interference was dreadful so as they were in the room next to us I didnt bother with one. However baby will be in room at end of hall so wont be able to hear him so need a good one with no interference. Any suggestions welcome xxDBxx


  • Hi we have the tomee tippee ultimate monitor and there is no interference, it also has a thermometer display which can be useful - you can buy them with or without a sensor mat.
  • I would definately make sure that the monitor you buy is digital. We had the same problem with the fisherprice one we had and the digital one we bought to replace it is brilliant. Ours is a Phillips/Avent one, they do three ranging from ??50 to ??90 depending on what features you want. My sil has a tomy digital one, think it was about ??90 and that is really good as well
    Kerry xx
  • i have a digital angelcare with sensor mat that i love as i didnt wake up terrified every ten minuets (my brother died in his sleep and i have major paranoia) the only down side with a sensor mat is that if you forget to turn it off while you feed or change baby the whole neighbour hood is woken up by a shreiking alarm
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