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very annoyed at midwife!!

hell i had to get this off chest! i felt like baby hadnt moved as much although he had moved it just felt reduced for a couple of days, so on sat i rang delivery suite and the lady on phone was lovley and said come in to be checked just to make sure. So me and OH went in and were seen by a mw, (not the one on phone) she first said they shouldnt have told me to come, basically saying i was over reacting! then put these circular heart pads on to trace heart beat, she tried for 5-10 mins and could find anything, didnt reassure! i asked her why, and she its probably coz i was fat and had i put on weight! she finally found heart beat and was strong with the hand held device (the other machine was broken!!) so she got another one and done trace,to which she again said i was overeacting and was i an anxious person, and was i attending parentcraft as that would help anxiousness!! (sp) babys heart was ok, i asked her what pos baby was in as i thought thats y movements had changed and she asked was that the real reason i came in, well i felt like i was gunna bottle her!!!!! b4 we went home, she basically said that werent no point in coming and the lady on the phone shouldnt have told me to come!
sorry to drone on but i am still annoyed!! thanks for reading! xxxxxx


  • what a biatch!!!!!!!! I think someone is in the wrong profession!!!!!

    You were right to go in hun, screw her!!!!

    You were obviously concerned to phone and go in she should have taken that into consideration!!!!


    oh glad everything is ok in the end!

  • Unfortunatly it often seems to be luck of the draw. Some m/w are ace and really supportive, they realise its best for you to come in then worry yourselt into a state, but there also seems to be real dragons that seem to forget how scary being pregnant can be. When I first went in with really bad back ache, which i said felt different to normal back ache, the midwife was quite rude saying it was nothing and i was overeacting. thankfully she put me on monitor which showed i was in labour, she was nicer after that. hope the rest of your visits are better xxDBxx

  • what a cow! what harm is it to reassure a worried mum to be?! If the other woman told you to go in, then she should take it up with her not have a go at you! Anyway, glad all is ok with lo. xx

  • OMG I would have smacked the bitch in the face with the broken monitor I swear!!!

    I hope you put a complaint in hun.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Bloody charming that is!! Every little niggle im ringing up the hospital lol and thankfully they are ace, it just depends who you get, hopefully you wont have her when you go into labour.
    Don't let it put you off though if you are in the same situation in the future always go in sod her!

    33 plus 2
  • thanks for all ur posts girls, she was abitch, but baby ok so thats all what matters thanks again x
  • hi all, im hearing too often about poor care in hospitals, you have everyright to be checked out if you are concerned about something. why some of these staff are so cold towards people is beyond me, yeah maby they deal with it everyday but they should understand how frightning it can be thinking somethings up and how reassuring it is to find out alls well.
    glad everything was ok with lo, hope you dont run into her again! shaz
  • What a cow! Of course your worried when you've always felt movement and suddenly baby stops! I'd panic if it were me. I had a sonographer at my 20 week scan who was just as lovely as that mw! Glad your lo is ok.
  • What a misery! Obviously had a very bad day and taking it out on you. Don't let this put you off going in hon - hopefully she's a one off - can you imagine her face being the first one a baby sees?!

  • utter bitch mw how dare she!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why b a mw if u dont understand a mums world revolves around the health n happiness of their lo! perhaps she doesnt have kids or was lucky enough never to experience the f*cking terror that goes with a scare anyway rant over glad ur both ok xx
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