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pregnant with a lo whos 1

hi ladies ive just found out im pregnant bit of a shock but kinda of expected, my lo has just turned a year . any advice on gettng through , my oh really excited and im still in shock wondering how we can adjust with two lo.any thoughts or experiences would be fantastic. thanks laura


  • Hi hun i cant really give you much advice but i just wanted to let you know i feel exactly the same way. I have a 19 month old and im due to have my second in July. It's definately scary! but im sure we will get through! (fingers crossed lol)
  • hi lorry!! i think i remember when our los were born close! my son is 1 next week and i have just found out im pg with no 2 also. im also worried about how i will cope but am kinda getting used to the idea! more worried about being pg and being able to cope. its the whole going into his own room business and into a bed before baby arrives. when are you due? xx
  • only about 4-5wks very early days still so bout christmas time. when r u due ?
  • Hi girls

    I have a 25month age gap between my two. I worried about it quite a bit before the birth, but it hasnt been as hard as I expected. i had to do the double buggy thing, but now eldest is about to turn 3 i usually make her walk.

    I was also worried that the baby crying in the night would wake up my toddler who is usually easily woken - but she never seems to wake to his crying, so that is a god thing!

    On the downside, sharing toys is starting to become a big issue - but I hope she will learn soon.

    Good luck, you will be fine, us Mums always find a way to cope!

  • same as you lorry about christmas as only 4-5 weeks too i think x
  • My daughter is 1 tomorrow and my 2nd baby is due in about 2 weeks- I'm dead scared about how I'll cope but am sure I'll manage somehow!

    It's been quite hard being pregnant while trying to look after Lily, it's just been tiring more than anything else so I try to rest when she goes for a nap. I'm hoping in the long run there will be loads of benefits to having them so close together!

    Good luck with your pregnancies Laura and Hayley.

  • My youngest is almost 14 months and I'm 30 weeks with number 3! My eldest has only just turned 3 so I will have my hands full too! I sometimes worry bout how I'm going to manage with 3 small children at home but then I think there is no point in worrying. It's not going to solve ne thing! I know I will get through it! lol! In the long run it will be well worth having them close together. My first two girls are inseprable, they do everything together and play really well (most ov the time!). Would'nt have it ne other way now. It's just going to be really hard work when the new baby comes! x x x
  • there is a 20 month age gap between my 2 and i was really worried about if i would cope but i son is so laid back which makes it a lot easier when we had kacey xxx
  • Hi there's 15 months between my two and im not gonna lie it's not easy but thbest advice i can give you is routine, routine, routine!!! And the hardest thing i have to remind myself is my eldest is still a baby too! so he still needs lots of attention and cuddles as much as the youngest. Shop around 4a good double buggy that will suit your lifestyle too for example if u use public trnsport etc. My youngest is 7 months now and its so sweet when she sees her brother she smiles so lovingly. Makes all my grey hairs worth it!! xx
  • Hi Ladies
    There is 22 months between my 2 little one (although I have 3 older ones - much older) and I have to say they are very close and as my little girl was so young when we had her brother she has no concept of jealousy and has been so loving with him. I would agree with K8 and say the way to cope with 2 little ones is definetly routine. My two are now in a great routine and have been since very early on and now have their tea at 5 bath at 6 and youngest in bed by 6.30 and next in bed by 7 until between 7 - 9 good luck to all x
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