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Help I think i'm pregnant!!!!!

Hi, some may remember that i said if i got pregnant now then i would be due around xmas, well i'm 2 days late but it will only my second period after having my last (4th) baby 6 months ago. Before i had my last child my cycle was 35 days so i put it to that being the reason for 2 days late.

Anyway i couldn't help myself and i have a pack of ebay ov tests and preg tests, i know the ov ones work cos i tried one to see and i had a positive anyway i have long long done one of the pregnancy tests and there is a very very very very vey very very slight extra line (i'm not going to say the P word just yet) lol!!!

Would do you think? I should be a pro really and know but i've never used the ebay ones before for this omg i'm shaking it's so scary that i'm 26 and could be pregnant with my 5th! ha! ha!

I'm going to buy a test later from tesco when oh finishes work to make sure, this is horrible because i have it in my head that i am and i'm worried if i buy one later it will say negative.

michelle xx


  • will do, i will let you all know tomorrow morn xxx
    fingers crossed eh! good luck everyone x
  • Keep fingers crossed.
    What ages are your other kids?
  • wow number 5 you are brave. Fingers crossed for a bfp later. Sticky babydust just in case.
    Filo x
  • Hi girls,

    LOL!! I've just read my first post up the top and it's all over the place, you could tell i wasn't thinking straight!

    Anyway, i got a pack of 2 tesco tests and couldn't help myself and did one last night! That came up with a very faint POSITIVE.
    Did one this morn hoping it would be a bfp but the line is fainter than the one last night, but hey it's still there!!!

    Ha! my mum is going to go mad with me!! lol!

    Good luck to everyone and don't give up xxxxxxx
  • Hi,
    I did ebay one step cheapie yesterday and had very very very faint line so i did a CBD and it said PREGNANT so yes they worked for me. Congrats.xxxxxx
  • Ohh, nice one! will we be due around the same time then, hope so cos i don't know anyone on the pregnancy room!
  • From my datess i should be due beteween 24 - 29th Dec. How exciting. I havnt posted in the Pregnancy forum yet although i have in the my baby is due in dec 08. This is my 1st and i sometimes wonder how ill cope with 1 (although me and hubbie have twins in both sides! 5 your very brave!!!! My hubbie has a boy and girl from previous relationship.x
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