Coping with the last weeks.

Has anyone got any advice on coping in the last few weeks, or when overdue?

I am trying to find something to do every day. But still finding myself bored out of my mind. I was fine until this week!! I'm so sick of shopping...we have everything for baby now. All my friends are at college...aarrrghhh. Last weekend flew by cos it was our anniversary of when we met and we found out oh's sis was engaged so was all quite exciting!! Went to see an old friend yesterday. Going swimming tomorrow even tho I feel sh!t its something to do. MW on thurs.

Why is it that I never minded being bored before, but now I do?!?! lol. Wish I could take a pill to make me sleep until my due date on Monday! xxx


  • hi
    im also bored and have only really started maternity today although have been off since friday, the only thing that is stopping me from going crazy is (this might be a bit sad) my wii!!! lol
    on my first day off i washed all of babys clothes cleaned flat etc so have nothing left to do but play my wii
    i have 3 weeks left i might need some more games???
  • oh i remember it well, last time i stopped work 4 weeks before due date and she ended up 10 days late so that was almost 6WEEKS of boredom!! i spent my days watching scary labour progs and freaking myself out (something i will never do this time). i have just over 4 weeks left and feeling the boredom already!!

    i used to do alot of swimming this pregnancy but find it too sore now for the last few weeks. its a bummer when all your friends are at work, and hubbie too and you are just waiting and waiting. we have got everything we need, its all washed and ready. i find housework really hard, have alot of pelvis pain, cant bend etc so its more of a burden to try to fill my time with housework, end up so knackered really easily.

    to be honest im actaually too tired to go out and do anything. i know i could fill my days window shopping or whatever but i am so so tired, and causeive been having alot of dizzy spells im a bit scared to go out alone (hope that doesnt make me sound silly).and to go out with my 3 yr old is a strain just now cause i cant keep up with her lol.

    anyone got any ideas of fun things to do around the house for 4 weeks (til at least hubbie will be on paternity and ill have adult company) ??;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Oh god it sounds like it is a lot worse for you two. I have quite a lot of energy! But it's finding something to use it on. My oh's mum is a childminder so I help her out sometimes taking the kids to nursery and so on. But aaarrrrghhh they are all terrible 2s and 3s, put them together and it's a nightmare - makes me want to rewind 9 months and tell him I was too tired!! Haha!

    Going to wash the cars this weekend so I guess that's something. Pretty hard leaning down to clean the wheels when you're so huge! xxx

  • i have some days where i am bursting with energy, i have laid the hall floor, and painted all the doors, have moved all the furniture around in my wee girls room to make space for the baby,and have painted the bathroom etc, but if i do stuff like that one day, i am knackered the next. so i am alright half the time, but today is a very very tired day!!

    i am not the type to sit around doing nothing altho hubbie is always telling me is houldnt be doing so much, my brain is so so active but my body cant keep up!
  • I dont havemuch energy at the moment but do have a 21month old that is trying to keep me busy i mowed the lawn and cut the hedge today sort of hoping it might kick things off but it didnt work i guess we could all just make the most of the rest and quiet because when these lo's arrive we will be wishing there wasnt anything to do lol Sophie 39wks today xx

  • My advise would make the most of this time rest and get some much needed sleep ! I know its boring and hard but when little one is here we wish we could have some time to sleep and rest ! This is my 3rd baby and really wish sometimes i could just curl up on sofa watch tele and do nothing but with the other two monkeys around its impossible ! Make the most of this time . Hope all goes well and your babies come on time take care x
    29+5 EDD 4/July
  • I'm SO looking forward to starting my maternity leave, I just can't imagine being bored (though I could be wrong) as I have very little energy & am happy to just sit around a lot of the time! I've got a week & a half left at work, then in theory 4 weeks with my feet up before baby comes. Have been very organised, bought everything I need, so hoping just to be able to chill, go swimming, get my hair done etc. Maybe I feel so tired cos I'm an old bird (39)!!!!!!!!!
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