CD11 and spotting - TMI

Hi ladies,

Please can you help, I am on CD11 and yesterday I noticed some blood when I wiped after a wee (TMI), today I have been for a wee and there was quite a bit of blood and CM when I wiped, please can someone help.

My OH thought perhaps I was pregnant even though I had my period and had also done lots of HPT's all were negative, I did a test this morning and that was also negative.

Anyone had this or knows what it might be, I am not due to ovulate till next Wednesday/Thursday.



  • It could be that you have ovulated early and you are having a little bleed. Also did you have sex over the past couple of days as perhaps you may have a little cut on your cervix?

    If it gets any heavier I would go to the doc though as it is not normal to bleed heavily between periods.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful hun.

  • We haven't bd since Sunday, perhaps if i am ovulating, I should get some more bding this evening!

  • bd your heart out image
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