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i need to get preg soon stressed

hi my name is natacha been trying to concieve for 7 month feels like a life time any tips ? xx


  • have you been tracking when your ov?
  • we have been ttc for 6months and it is taking a lot longer than I first thought. We decided in oct/nov 07 and was looking forward to a summer baby, how naive were we!!
    It will happen for us soon though x
    my tips would be to be relaxed, healthy, bd as much as you can without making it a chore, know when you ov and take folic acid supplement i reckomend 'pregnacare'.
    Good luck and happy BDing xx
  • hiya weve been trying for 6 months just started to read zita west guide to getting pregnant it says lots and lots of sex you dont need to worry bout it causing low sperm count apparently it doesnt so as often as you possibly can good luck xxx
  • Hiya
    I have read Zita West books 2. I would recommend buying conception and fertility or plan to get pregnant, she explains things in a really easy way thats understandable. We have been ttc conceive for 2 years and I have felt like you have so your not alone. I would advise to start eating healthier if your not,taking vitamins for you and your part, have lots of fun when you are BDing and don't think about having sex to have a baby think about having sex because you want sex with your partner and maybe it will happen for you. I am hoping for a BFP soon after making few lifestyle changes but. I take pregnacare everyday. Relax and have fun, happy baby making xxx
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