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NHS exemption card

Does anyone know how or when we get the NHS exemption card?
I went to the dentists today, they wanted to see my card, i just told then my EDD and that i hadn't got the card yet, thay seemed happy for now, but i thought i might investigate when the cards come. I cant remember from my last pregnancy.


  • I had to get a form from my midwife - have you done that already? Mine didn't take long come through.

    How many children are in your avatar? How did you get them to stay where they are?
    Denise x
  • have u had ur booking app yet? i got mine a couple of weeks after my booking app xx


  • hiya
    When i went 4 my bookin in appt my mw gave me a form to fill in and send off and the card came a couple of weeks later
  • I got mine at my booking appointment...Midwife gave me a form and I sent it off xxx

  • With my first I didn't even fill out a form, my GP gave it to me...they were so organised. But since moving I had to ask at the GP's surgery for a form. I filled it out and gave it to the receptionist. She stamped it and sent it off. It took about 2 weeks to be with me.

  • Thanks for the advice all
    I will be heading off the the GPs to find this form and get it sent off next week

    Denise, the children in my avatar are all the boys from my son's baby massage group, He is now 4 and half yrs old and looking forward to the birth of a sibling.
    Baby massage was great and they were always really calm after a session!!
  • i know this gives us free precriptions and dental but what about eyes?

    my pg book says that it overs eyes too, but not sure if this is right
  • kar1234, it unfortunately doesn't cover optical as well. Shame as I have appaling eyesight that costs me a fortune in glasses and contacts!
  • oh well the book is wrong then too. just hoping it was wrong about lots of other things aswell like tears cuts etc
  • kar1234...head down to specsavers, your eye tests come as part of the package when you pay for your contacts and eye test is about ??17. I asked when I made my appointment recently and was told eyesights not included image

    Fo dental, is everything free filligs and all? I ask cos the side of one of my molars broke yesterday and i think its cos im in need of a filling. Need to find an nhs dentist on monday! xxx
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