pre-natal depression. well thats my excuse anyway

OMG, i am sooo low.

I have been having some major problems being around people atm.

I sent Jake home straight from work yesterday. He normally comes and walks the dog for and makes sure I am ok after the scare last week, but I couldn't handle seeing him.

My mum has been wanting to see me and I can't bring myself to go see her. She called in the morning saying she had the afternoon off did i want to go into town. Normally I would of gone, couldn't face it. Then she rang and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner, again said no.
Later she called me to check I was ok and asked if wanted her to ome over. I totally freaked out. The thought if someone being near me is messing with my head. Even the dog is winding me up, but because he knows there is something wrong with me he is sticking to me like glue but his contact drives me loopy.

All someone has to do is ask if I am ok, or what's up and i am in floods of tears.
I am not eating, which is always a sign that there is something wrong (the joys of the tailend of an eating disorder) and my mates was so worried obviously oz of bump. I did force something down but it came straight back up again so I gave up.

I was awake a total of 21 hours as well. I woke up at 8.15 convinced i had a MW APPT, I didn't it is on Tuesday but then I was up, and I managed to drop off about 5am this morning, was up again at 9 doing my ironing.

I am meant to be at a hen night meal tonight and I can't face that, out tomorrow as well for a birthday, I know i am not going to that..and then again on Sunday for a meal for mums birthday with everyone. Just the thought of going makes me feel sick. I shake etc.
My mate is having the kids for me as I explained how I am feeling and she told me she luved me, i am sat in tears again.. WTF.

I really have no idea what the fuck is going on, but I don't like it.


  • Hi,

    Pre-natal depression does exisit I know someone who had it. I would go and see your doctor/midwife about it as it's not easy being pregnant when you are feeling like that. x
  • tbh mate i think that is a massive part of it, but avoiding people isn't the answer, not their fault is it.

    I have to go to the shop in a min and I really do not want to go coz I will have to speak to people.
  • oh dear it really sounds like you are putting yourself through a lot at the moment. The best advice i can give you is if you don't want to do something - don't do it! Don't worry that you are letting people down, you are not, and i am sure they will understand. Make lots of time for yourself to relax and do the things that you love to do the most. Take relaxing baths and watch your favourite movies. Have a damn good cry whenever you need to, but do try and eat something. Take the dog for a walk - the fresh air is always a good tonic.
    Most of all just don't beat yourself up abou things. This is your time and you won't have so much of this time again once LO arrives. You are not alone in this and i am sure that there are lots of other women that have this at some stage, but just try to chill. You won't feel like this forever xx
  • I know, it is just odd for me coz when I had Jack and ashleigh I was fine. Totally loved everything, didn't even get depressed being in hospital.

    I just feel so bloody ridiculous
  • Get urself down to gp or mw - U really need to get people aware of how ur feeling. They need to know now as ur 50% more likely to have it after too (sorry to be blunt but having had both to varying degrees, I know it happens). Looking after you in this instance is what is needed right now hun. I know its not the easiest thing in the world but make that 1st step now - noone will look down on you, more like how brave and what a wonderful m2b u r for seeking help early.

    Keep us posted, and take care of you!

  • lol, i would but that involves going out.
  • Ask for a home visit - shouldn't be too difficult for them to arrange for you hun. You gotta see someone............we're all there with you (I know u have a thing about ppl but we're there in spirit)!!! Grit ur teeth and make that call.......please. xx;10053;104/st/20081122/dt/-3/k/a539/preg.png

  • no coz she isn't in the centre till Tuesday now and I can only get hold of them between 9-9.45am in the office.
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