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OMG - Baby Bottles Give off Bad Chemicals!!??

[I'm posting this in other forums in a bid to get more information about this]

I was SHOCKED to read in one booklet from the Prima Baby Magazine that plastic bottles can give off harmful chemicals when heated up. I'm really worried as I used both AVENT and TOMMEE TIPPEE plastic bottles for my daughter and although she's 2 now she still drinks warm milk from them heated in the microwave.

Has anyone else heard of this?? Look at this website from born free who make the glass bottles who have made these claims read the headlines at the top from the Telegraph and Sky News:


  • Hello, I am in Canada atm moment and the stores here have pulled ALL plastic baby products off the shelves. I have bought glass bottles here, but I am returning to England in a few weeks and would love to know what is happening there. Here eveything is bad, including plastic spoons, the breastmilk storage containers, ect. Also they have pulled all the little heinz baby meals in plastic too. Apparently many brands of canned foods have thier tin lined with this plastic stuff too, and so they have been removed from shop shelves here. What are we supposed to do now? How has everyone else been affected by this, or rather how are you all coping?
  • Nothing has happened in the UK yet. I don't know if it's if the government is slow to react or if there is really nothing wrong. I hope it's the latter. Getting glass bottles anyway to be on the safe side.

  • oh s***! i haven't heard about this! my mate told me not to put his plastic bowls etc in microwave because of this but didn't know about the rest! will be heating from the pan from now on!
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