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Drinking tea?

Is it ok to do this when you are trying, I have given up coffee and wine but I have been told in fact I think I think I read it in the Zita West book that tea should not be drunk either?? I love me tea image

K xxx


  • Tea also contains caffiene(dont know how much), but you can get decaf!
  • Hi K-lou,
    I''ve started drinking decaf. Think all caffenie should be avoided so tea included and coke although i've started drinking caffeine free diet coke to. Hope this helps. I don't find the tea tastes any different to normal tea.
  • hiya i also love my tea i would drink one after another after another but i have cut back just dont drink loads i allow myself a big fat mug in the morning and two cups in evening xxx
  • Oh man image

    K xx
  • oh ok so if I has like one after luncch and one when I get home so like two a day that would be ok??

  • yep that would prob b best, i cant give up completely i swear i get withdrawal symptoms lol xxx
  • Slow, are you giving up choc as well?? does contain some caffine. (I'm eating more than ever!!!!!)

    As for tea, my GP said it was fine, but to limit coffee to one cup a day.
  • i dont like tea but i need my morning coffee!!!!
  • Hi K-Lou yeah your right about the Zita West Tea thing, although if you read anything about ttc it mentions cutting back the ole caffeine! I've been trying too gradually but its mega difficult.x
  • i did a quick google and apparantly you shouldn't have more than 200mg caffeine a day during pregnancy

    a cup of tea can be anything from 10 - 100mg depending on how long it's brewed for. best bet is to drink it fairly weak

    TEA (5-oz. cup) CAFFEINE CONTENT (mg)
    1 min. brew 9-33
    3 min. brew 20-46
    5 min. brew 20-50

    NHS Direct says max 300mg /day

    that's the equiv of one of the following:

    1. three cups of brewed coffee,
    2. OR six cups of tea,
    3. OR eight cans of regular cola
    4. OR eight standard bars of chocolate.

    obviously it's better to have 0 caffeine - especially in your first trimester - but if you must have that first cup of coffee in the morning then it seems to be ok

    but bear in mind i'm not pregnant or even ttc yet (waiting til after my wedding in sept) - i just did a bit of research on the internet for you from sites that i know are reliable - best bet is to ask a couple of different doctors
  • hmm I'm only on month 4, I'll give it another month and if no luck then I'll give up tea. it's just too hard to contemplate....
  • wow thank you very much for posting all that on here. I drink my teat very weak anyway i put the tea bag in stir it twice and take it out LOL I am off to have one now actually as I have not had a hot drink all day and then no doubt will have one when i get home and that is itimage


    k xxx
  • HI k-lou I switched to decaf too. I really like a strong cuppa "builders tea" and after trying nearly all the decafs around I am very happily slurping a big strong cuppa Typhoo decaf !!xxx
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