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Hello im new! I have a question too

Hello all im new to the forum. Hubby and I have just decided we are going to try for a baby. Which is both exciting and scary!! We are just going to see how it goes and not get scientfic...yet!
I recognise some of you from YYW forum (I was Missshell)

I was wondering if you saw you dr before ttc? Just for a health check or something?



  • Hello and welcome!

    I did speak to my doctor about 3 months before, but I didn't make a specific appointment, I was there for something else.

    He didn't do a health check as such, but told me to take folic acid (from then, as you are supposed to have it in your system from 3 months before you start trying) and sent me for a blood test to check for rubella immunisation. He also advised I came off the pill then too, so it had chance to get out of my system - but don't think this is definitely necessary?

    Hope you're enjoying the site (I too am from YYW - Hunnybunny) and I'm sure you'll soon realise that this site is even more addictive than YYW!!!


  • hi hun i never saw dr as i knew he would say the obvious loose w8 LOL etc. iv been pregnant 3 times in last year and unfortunaty
    mc. but it wouldn hurt to see doctor could give you some good advice with ttc. also i get my partner to have handfull of pumpkin seeds a day as there full of zinc and good for a mans sperm good luck with ttc and welcome to babyexpert.
  • ooops mean had 3mc 2 in last year and one 4year ago.
  • Sorry to hear that crystal.

    Mrsbammy I started taking folic acid today, did'nt know that it should be in your system for a while before hand.

    Im good thanks SB. Obviously you are well! Congratulations! image

  • Ah hopefully it won't last long!
  • Hi ShellK. I have only been ttc for the last month, but I started taking Pregnacare as soon as I came off the pill, it contains the folic acid as well as other vits and minerals recommended for pre and during pregnancy. Haven't seen a dr. Fingers crossed for you. x
  • hi there! Just wanted to say hi!
    I didnt see my GP but I have been taking Pregnacare & I had a smear last monthto get that all up to date! Sooooo good luck!xxx
  • Hiya and welcome! I didn't see a doc before ttc but saw one last month and she recommended bd'ing 2-3 times a week and trying to stay relaxed, also smoking is a big no-no and to try and cut down on alcohol. i've also been taking Pregnacare since starting ttc (almost 7 months ago!) x
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