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Waiting for Pg Test 6th May - Trying to stay positive but

My husband & I have been trying for 2 & 1/2 years and did an ICSI cycle last year. We got 21 eggs, 11 fertilised and 1 transferred at day 3 and lasted until 7 weeks. We did frozen cycles but nothing eventuated. I have just completed another cycle and got 16 eggs, 10 fertilised and at day 2 they got worried as they were going to transfer at day 5 but decided to do a transfer at day 3. Luckily they transferred 2 embyro's one at 7 cells and the other at 8 cells. In the meantime the other eight haven't made it. Which is sad but quite common from what I have read. I am now just waiting until the 6th May. I am trying to stay positive which as you would know isn't easy. Anyone been through this & what did you do to help stay positive? I have been having acupuncture and hypnotherapy sessions before the transfer and have helped maintain stress levels but it is just the waiting part that i don't like.


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