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Turning round

Good morning bumpy ladies,

Just need a little help really, I have got another 4d scan on sunday as last time lo was breech and my placenta was blocking his face. Is there anyway I can try and make sure he is head down so I can get some decent pics of him this time? When I saw the mw a couple of weeks ago she said he was head down but I have conivinced myself he has turned around as the movements I can feel, feel different.

Any advice?


xx :\?


  • I think these babies will get in which ever position is comfy for them regardless of any inconvenience that they may cause, lol. Any way i heard that sitting upright and general good posture is supposed to help baby go head down, u cud also try a lil gentle excercise that might help. Other than that i have no suggestions and i think it will just be pot luck on the day. Hope all goes well for u. Kerry xxx

  • Hey Caz, bouncing on an excercise ball is suppose to help! Also might not be top of your list but baby Scott was head up till we did the deed a couple of weeks ago and the next morning I noticed that my bump had dropped and had some funny feelings down below (sort of pressure) and the mw confirmed that baby had turned and was now head down! He/she has stayed head down since then too! May be worth a try! Tammi xxx
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