ov pains?

Im kind of new on here - I haven't posted before.

I have a quick question for all you lovely ladies. My partner and I are onto our 2nd month of ttc. My last cycle was 24 days. Based on a 24 day cycle I was due to ov yesterday. The thing is that I had low back pains today - like dull ache. I had the same last month too. I calculated when I should have ov'd last month - Friday 4th April. On the Sat (5th) I had the same sort of dull pains that I had today. Is it possible im ov 13 days before af? :\? cd 1 was 18th April.

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  • Hi Angel00, Not sure how much help I'll be as I'm fairly new to all this and am on month 3 of ttc. I've only really noticed my ov this month as I cheated and used ov sticks to find out!! I've been told that ov varies a bit from person to person and 14 days is an average time between ov and af arriving so 13 days is entirely possible. It can also vary a bit from cycle to cycle but only by a day or so. Think this info is correct. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!!! Ha ha.

    Good luck!!
  • Hi, I always feel ov quite acutely. I have been tracking my cycle for nearly a year and my luteal phase(time between ov and af) has varied between 12 and 15 days, so although people say its 14 days and its always supposed to be same length in an individual I know that mine varies. That was a long sentence!!!-hope it made sense.
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