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steriliser bargin!

Hi girls
I was browsing through the argos site last night for baby things and I found the tommy tippee steam sterilser with the 2 free bottles that usually is ??19.99 for ??9.99! I then found a set of 6 tommy tippee bottles for ??9.99! just thought I'd share it with you, heres the link:$cip=1500012028.Baby+and+nursery>C$cip=1500012029.Nursery+equipment>C$cip=1500012033.Baby+feeding+equipment.htm$cip=1500012028.Baby+and+nursery>C$cip=1500012029.Nursery+equipment>C$cip=1500012033.Baby+feeding+equipment.htm

was so pleased! We reserved them instore and hubby is picking them up today.


  • I got the same sat (tommee tippee microwave set) with 3 free bottles and bottle brush for ??10 in asda.

    I then got 2 of the matching tommee tippee bottles (anti colic) for ??4.49 in boots and the tommee tippee breast pump (reduced from ??24.99 to ??12.49 with mini steriliser and ANOTHER free anti colic bottle in tesco) all in the same week.

    Bargain image xxxx
  • i got the steriliser, breast pump, breast pads and extra bottles - all tommee tippee in tescos too - all half price!
  • damn should have gone to tesco's I thought my ??10off in Mothercare was good for sterliser, OH will probably scream at me if I ask to take them back again and buy them in a third location!
  • Thanks so much for telling us about this - I hope to breastfeed but will buy the steriliser with free bottles etc. Fantastic bargain x
  • Always check out supermarkets for baby things cos they're sooo much cheaper than Mothercare (biggest rip off shop ever!) We got the TT steriliser ages ago in the Asda baby sale. We got the Johnsons baby bath box for ??20 in Asda too the other day. That wasn't even in the sale but it is ??30 in Mothercare. xxx

  • I got the same deal in tesco, so im all set for wen i stop breastfeeding or wen i start expressing my milk. Kerry xxx

  • I got the johnsons baby box for ??10 in asdas big baby sale back in january.

    Now everytime i shop i pick up 3 packs of huggies wipes for ??3 and whatever baby products are on sale. I cant tell you how much stuff i have but il need it all.

    So far i have 7 packs of nappies and im not due til august 25th lol xxx
  • Oh yeah and be sure to hang around people who have new babies as they'll give you nappies their lo has grown out of - we got 5 packs!! xxx

  • grrrr...tried to reserve this online last night and the price was showing ??9.99...this morning now the site is working it's showing the normal price again in one place but is still on offers page at ??9.99. So not sure whether it's still on offer or not. Will let you know if I manage to find out x
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