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Any body TTC and on Weightwatcher?

I was just wondering what the guidelines are for this? I've lost nearly 1.5 stones and am hoping to lose a bit more before we ttc in june. I don't want to undo all the hard work and I also find that i'm obviously eating healthier, I get my 5 a day etc cos I'm concious of what I'm eating and watch fat intake etc.

Thanks in Advance


  • Hi Sep2612

    I used to go to WW and was a gold member for a few years, but in the last year I seem to have put it all back on and some! Eeek. So i was going to go back to meetings last night but unfortunately got stuck in a work meeting and didn't get home til 9.30pm so couldn't go. But I'm going to go back next week - promise!

    I think you're right about saying that it makes you eat healthier, get your 5 a day and reduce your fat intake, sugar intake etc. which are all good things for ttc. If you get to goal the only things that probably could be included which you might be shying away from at the moment are nuts (because they're full of goodness but fattenning!)

    Which plan are you doing? I am going to do the Core Plan for the next few weeks as I think it's a good healthy way of eating and encourages me to eat lots of fruit & veg. On points I have a tendency to use them up on low fat chocolate bars or other rubbish!

    The other thing is that being at a healthy weight is a really good thing for you when ttc - I heard somewhere recently that losing 10% of your weight dramatically increases your chances of conceiving

  • That's interesting Mrs Amanda, I did some low carb diets before and just instinctively knew it wasn't a healthy diet for ttc, but it's interesting to hear why!
    thanks ximage
  • I'm following the points plan just because I find it works for me, I'm only a few 1lb's away from my 10% so that's interesting what you said about that increasing chances of conceiving!
  • I'm on WW and 5Ibs away from goal having lost around 2 stone in 5mths. I am going to continue to go until I am PG (then you aren't allowed!). My understanding is that the more healthy your weight the easier it is to TTC!! TTC was my goal for losing the weight for that very reason! Keep going for it as it can only be good in the long run and you are doing really well!!:\)
  • weight is not everything in ttc but it does help. i have been overweight but healthy with both my pregnancies and both times now have started weightwatchers and the next week found out i was pregnant. Hope thats a good sign. Its a great plan and when you come back 6 weeks after having baby if you breastfeed you get lots of extra points. Was on 30 points post baby last time!!!! Good luck ladies and babydust
    Filo x
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