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devastated cant stop crying.will i ever have baby.

hi ladies well i went to my gyna appointment and my blood test show iv got very high testostrone high blood pressure with prob caused my miscarriages they have said iv got pcos also my afs been all over place last few months also af arrived yesterday after 11 days late and iv been in lot of pain more then being giving a scan next week even tho already had one and they checked my bits and said everything looked fine.what?infertile?


  • oh hun hang in there. Have you got to se gynae dr again after the scan? There may be drugs they can give you to help with hormone levels and pcos can be treated with meds. Good luck with scan next week. Thinking of you
    Filo x
  • thanks filo im really depressed im i dont understand they gave me scan said everything fine so surly if i had pcos it would have shown up. yeah my gynae giving me the scan and also putting me on metformin which is normaly used for diabetics x x

  • So sorry to hear your news. Good luck with your scan next week.

    Thinking of you.

  • Hey Crystal

    PCOS is a hard one to fathom not everyone with has the ovarian cysts so maybe thats why your scan seemed clear?.

    Metformin is one of the standard treatment for ladies with PCOS ....yes it is for diabetics but insulin resistance is part of the syndrome so the metformin can help with your cycles.

    I also have high testosterone but that won't necessarily make you sub fertile please don't fret too much. There are tablets that make you ovulate or failing that hormone injections too there is much hope. I'm afraid that irregular cycles usually come with PCOS too.

    Have no experience about the high blood pressure think perhaps your GP might be able to help with that one.

    Take care
  • thanks rachelclair x
  • thanks for info hun im really gratfull x
  • Hi, im sorry to but in but i saw your thread on the main page and clicked through. I dont know your full story but see that youve had a rough time in the past.
    I had 2 miscarriages over the last couple of years. After each one it took me longer and longer to concieve. But on new years eve i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Holly. I honestly thought that i would never have a baby at one point. It hurts so so much each time. But keep trying, no matter what, and eventually im sure you will be rewarded, and when you are you will be so much more greatful for your precious child.
    I hope you dont think im rude butting in, i just really wanted to offer you some hope.
    I wish you the very very best of luck for the future. XXX
  • hi im crashing from pregnancy forum as i had exactly the same problem!!! there is a very good drug called clomid they can put u on to boost ovulation its quite a strange feeling being on them because u litterally give u a hormone boost so expect crying n laughing jags but it really does work as im now 34 wks, dont give up hope n ask abot clomid
  • thank you sarah your little girl is really pretty hun and hope i do have lil baby sorry to hear about your losses hun i also have lost babys 3 and just really hope i find some pma x x x x
  • oh sweetie i'm sorry it wasn't better new but at least they know wats wrong and u have a plan of action! i really hope we'll be celebrating ur bfp soon!
  • lollyhatch thank you thats given me some hope to hold on to congratulations hun and hope i end up in pregnancy forum soon. x x
  • thank you for your post hun my partner keeps telling me to stay positive but its so hard. thanks hun hope we get bfp soon x x
  • i hope u get ur bfp soon, but until u do remember none of whats happend to you is ur fault!! its horrid bad luck but its got to change soon xxxxxx
  • thank you lollyhatch i really hope so i just dont know how much more i can handle x
  • Hey Crystal ...hope you are feelling ok today? Think I am right in saying if you have 3 MC's that you should get some testing they run clinics for recurrent miscarriage. It might be something you could fix. My heart goes out to you I can't imagine how that must feel
  • hi thanks jjenko and sb im feeling much more positive today as i found out my aunt also as pcos and as 5 children but Unfortunatly lost 6 kids 4 of which she lost between 20 and 41 weeks. i think loosing my babys was mainly down to high male hormones in my body. so once i get put on metformin it should sort few things out. thanks for all your support girls i feel really emotional. x
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