Insulin - BIG baby and possible outcomes... HELP!!!

Hiya Girls,

Not seeming to get on here as much as I did when I was working lol (well paid to be working) but ever so busy (more so) since stopped!

Had a routine appt with consultant yesterday - but I'm really big at 27+5 days and my streach marks split and blead (sp) dispite creaming all the time! I'm soooo swollen with fluid! They took me in for a scan A.S.A.P and i've got loads of fluid and baby is measuring at 4 pound - had to go back today and spend hours having blood tests - and think i've got gestaional diabeates - although feel relieved for having a reason for being so big slightly worried about the implications...

there was talk of a C section.... Augh!!! I was moaning about being frighterned of the pain of a normal labour... now i'm thinking THAT's all I want not major surgery! They spoke about starting me on insulin... how does it work? when do I inject? and how does that affect my baby? The other option is inducing me early... image

feeling a bit panicked :\? worried for baby and scared for me...

I really prefer not to have C - Section cause takes soooo long to recover and want more babies (LOTS) but obviously i'll do what is best for baby - I just dont want to be frightered into doing it, would much prefer to make an informed descion...

I'm thinking 4 pound is big but still a bit early to be talking about C - Sections cause he is not sooooooo big yet that he cant come out normally... but if he keeps growing at that rate ... how big will he be allowed to be before natural is out of the question??

they said they will keep a VERY close eye on me and seeing the consultant early next week again... but they said I might just go into early labour because i'm holding so much fluid... am 28 weeks tom (today looking at time but doesn't count till you have a sleep lol)

they also spoke about inducing me early...

all of these.. which ever looks like baby be here early... just wondering if anyone has had the same sort of thing and got any advice...

I was insulin resistant before I got pregnant so the doctor said this was likely to happen they just all seemed in a bit of a flurry... just trying to prepare myself a bit more of what to expect! and to be armed with info and good meaty questions so I feel like I understand everything! xxx

thanks lovely lady's! image


  • I don't know an awful lot of answers but I think if you insist on a natural birth, they will let you try. It may be you end up having a section if labour doesn't progress.
    As for recovery time, it's another one everyone tells you worst case scenario, my sister had one and was having sex within 3 weeks and driving by 6, again, everyone is different.
    Other than that, no answers I'm afraid, although like you say it is still early and growth may slow down. At least it should mean you have a bouncing healthy baby.


  • Hi hun,

    I am having similar problems. I am carrying way too much fluid as well and baby is large but not 4lb! I am measuring 35 weeks at 29! I had my gestational diabetes test and see consultant on wednesday to discuss outcome etc.
    They think I may have a condition called polyhydramnios, it does carry higher risks of premature birth due to your uterus stretching too big. There are also large risks of cord prolapse and a placental abruption. Therefore I have beentold if my waters break to ring an ambulance and get straight into hospital. They have also said that I would be induced as early as 37 weeks if I dont go in before as they would prefer my waters to break whilst in hospital.

    This is my third and my second came 4 weeks early and weighed 7lb and they believe that as I am only small your body sometimes naturally will not let you carry a baby that is too big to carry. They have also spoke to me about a c-section this time as I have a very small pelvis and needed ventouse deliveries with both girls in theatre and was minutes away froma section then. Therefore if he is going to be large they would rather me have a planned c-section then an emergancy one.

    At 27 weeks though the baby has got time to slow down its growth especially if you are put on insulin as it will control everything therefore he wont become too huge. This is what I have been told anyway and maybe hoping happens.

    God I have gone on and probably not helping but it took me a while to think about a section after 2 natural births, but I think if the docs felt like it was best I would do it as I would rather have a planned one and prepare myself and have hubby there than risk an emergency one and get knocked out adn not even see the birth.

    Wow long post hopefully some of it helps.

  • Sorry to hear of all ur troubles, haven't really got any advise just wanted to wish u luck. Im sure u and the dr's will do wats best for u and baby and having a section isn't the end of the world, although the recovery is a little longer, its better than having a horrible birth and possibly tearing and making a mess of ur dwnstairs. Also having a section this time doesn;t mean that u cnt have VBAC for subsequent babies. Gud luck chuck im sure everything will be fine. Kerry xxx

  • hi hun i got u covered , i had uber baby 10lb 11 due to gestational\ diabetes, you inject into the top of your thigh,(sounds awful but really its not ) you keep a diary of your blood sugars the midwife and consultant keep a very close watch over you and check your urine with keto sticks to make sure theres no protein in it (not sure i remember why tho) i ahd my girl naturally but my mum who has it too had her last 3 by c section which she was terrified of but came through all 3 and recovered resonably quickly. the best advice i can give is talk to ur mw or consultant every time u get anxious day or night and write down questions when u think of them so u remember to ask them at ur antenatal appointments!!! good luck try to enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy and if they get u on insulin fast enough it will help to regulate the babys size!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi
    Sorry to hear about your troubles, im 27 weeks pregnant and found out last week i have gestational diabetes too im huge, i was getting quite frightened about my size but at least i know why im huge now.

    I have been told not to eat anything sugarey for a week and to take my blood sugar twice a day it is always high though so the chances are that i will probably have to go on insulin the problem i have is im terrified of needles its bad enough taking blood sugar never mind getting a needle as well.
    The only thing im worried about it having the baby too early.
    i have been signed off work and my employers are being horrible about it, they sent my a letter this morning stating i have been referred to an occupation health worker for further assessment to help me return to work. The cheek they must think im mad if im putting my baby at risk for their stupid job. also if anyone has any advice about this please help does anyone know where i stand legally regarding even visiting this "occupational nurse person".

    Like you i dont want to have a c section either but i have havent really discussed it with anyone yet.
    i have read on the net that as long as the baby is delivered after 36 weeks everythink will be ok?!?

    i know i didnt help but its comforting to know im not alone in my problems and wish you all the best, if i find out anything i will be sure to update you

    xoxoxox adele and HUGE bump
  • Hi
    I was glad to see your posting, as at a recent scan I too was told my baby was a little on the large size although my fluid levels are fine.
    Friday i went in for glucose tests to find out if Im diabetic.
    So its interesting to see how other people have got on.
    Ive had a very difficult pregnancy so far with a lot of pain from adhesions caused from severve endometriosis.
    But its a miracle I am pregnant so im over the moon, regardless to how hard it has been.
    Being pregnant can be such a worrying time and i do hope you are ok.
    when do you get your results?
    i was told in about 2 weeks which i thought was a little long.
    Im hoping the baby is just large, my partner is 6'2 and im only 5'2, and he was nearly 11lb when born, so fingers crossed.
    Mind you iimagine i wont feel that way come delivery day.;-)

    Rachael x
  • Hi Rachael, I had my diabetes test on friday and should have the results wednesday at my consultants appointment..

    2 weeks does seem pretty long but sure if you can ring midwive she may be able to get them a little quicker and tell you on phone or something.

    This is all new to me too as I had no problems whilst being pregnant with the 2 girls and always measured just right whereas this little devil is proving a little more difficult. I am the size now at 29 weeks I was when I had my daughter at 36 weeks and dint even get this big with my first.

    I am hoping I will know more on wednesday how severe the condition is and how they want to treat it as it does depend a lot on the diabetes result.

    Sorry could not be of more help but I didnt want to read and run. xx

    Take care xx

  • Oh you lovely lady's coming to my rescue... Had a little cry yesterday feeling a little over whelmed... my OH and I tried for this baby for two and a half years, just desprate to want everything to be okay..
    I had my blood tests done friday (just gone) and I ring tom (tue cause of bank holiday) i'm thinking now that's it's prob a really good thing if I am put on insulin although the first thoughts of it horrified me!! But if he keeps baby at a healthy weight and helps having a natural birth... & just to think I was so preoccipied with the pain of it all before hand (which i am sure I will again at the time) but thinking once the acctual labour is over then it's done! I have a friend who is diabeatic and insulin dependant and she injects into the tummy but was a little worried about doing that... so knowing it's the top of the thigh makes it a little less scary!
    they have said that they are going to keep a closer eye on me... when I speak to the MW tom i'll come back here and let you know how i've got on..

    thinking this is a good place to share info if were all facing the same sort of thing!

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