CD1 again, onto Month 6!

Its cd1 again, but i knew it this month only bd'd an appaling 6 times (tmi, sorry).

So onto month 6 (fingers crossed), its my lucky month!

I am however happy af has come on cd34, as few af's were 34,35 then had a 50 and now back to 34. Wonder if its th AC i took?? I took it until cd15 this cycle.

Em x


  • Hi Em. Keep that PMA up, good luck. x
  • Hi Em,

    Looks like we're cycle buddies again ! I'm on cd 2 (well i say 2 i think it actually started in the middle of the night so who knows may be day 1 ??). Am pleased that I only had a 34 day cycle though rather than the 96 days I had last time !!

    Keep the PMA, i'm working on keeping mine !
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