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I need a slap please!!!

Duno whats wrong with me but have got myself all negative about this month!!!! Am feeling really crampy at 2dpo and am convinced af is coming early....I know its guna happen when its meant to just the thought of month 13 is freaking me out, feeling very fed up with it all....and i dont think matters have been helped by just logging on and seeing 99days til ur babies poor bean i mc'ed in dec xxxxx


  • ohhh hun, sorry youre feeling down! we have started ttc again this month and im terrified after mc in feb too. i get upset at times too whe i see a pg woman or when people ask things like: are u going to have any more kids?? but think that we will have a baby angel waiting for us to hold somewhere, someday, in the meantime we have to be strong and think positive so we can get caught again soon, all the best hun, we all have bad days and its just normal. Hope u feel better soon, hugs xxx
  • Thank u for that SB i was hoping it would be u, i know urs are very beneficial! I think its hid under my bed with the cobwebs, bad pma, memo i must have a word with her she cannot desert in the 2nd part of my cycle!

    Hey pae, was wondering how u r, i put a thread out a few days ago but must of been bumped back now....just wanted u to know im here if u need a chat hun, i dont think pple understand what there saying sometimes...i was at a family party last night and thats all i get, not there fault i know but im still pining for the baby i lost......i will try to be strong and find my pma have a nice busy wk nx wk so am hoping itl take my mind off things....xxxxx
  • You cant have a slap but your allowed big hugs
  • Oh Kim

    Think i need a slap too having a down month and im getting really nervous about hospital.

    SB Can i have 2 slaps please (might knock some sense into me) lol.

    By the way i hate that bit at the top where is says 0 days till your baby birth ! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

    Jen xxx
  • Oh SB Please dont cry (Jen whispers i had a cry earlier) couldnt help it having a rubbish day.

    Ok i promise i will go and look for mine and kims pma. Must be hiding somewhere???????

    jen xxx

  • Damn pma, jen il look under the bed and u look in the cupboards..gota be around here somewhere...*must not make sb cry* ...xxxxxx
  • Shes a slippery thing, one minute ive got her and next shes guna see if i can find some super glue, she aint going anywhere then! Do u think itl wear off though...theres another 8 days til testing...will it last that long?!?
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