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hows everyone feeling about labour?

Hi mums and bumps

I was just wondering how everyone was feeling about labour? I'm actually looking forward to it, although hoping that it is far shorter this time round!!!! I was in labour for over 48 hours with my son and was absolutely shattered! I've only wrote a few notes on my birth plan and im just going to see how things plan out. I'm hoping my laid back approach will make for an easier birth (fingers crossed)

Anyway how you all feeling?



  • My best advice regarding birth plans is STAY FLEXIBLE!!!! Put down some ideas etc to do with pain relief and how u hope things go and all that but please stay open-minded!! Also, whoever is gonna be ur birthing partner, make sure they know what sort of things u'll want or not want etc coz if ur in pain but can't ansa the mw then they'll have to.
  • im not bloody enjoying it!!!!
  • Im not worried at all to be honest, I feel really relaxed about it-which is odd because before I got pregnant the thought would have terrified me. If anything hearing birth horror stories has helped relax me even more as well, because I just think well the chances are mine wont be that bad and if it is then im not the only one who's gone through it.
    I cant wait to be honest, I'll probably change my mind when it starts though, lol.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I go thru stages where i feel ok, and then i have sudden moments of panic and think i can't do it and how awful its gonna b, that usually happens after i've been watching birth programmes, i console myself by thinking that if it was really that bad then people would never have more than one baby. Haven't really thought much about the birth plan yet don't think i want an epidural cos am not keen on needles but that could wel change when the time comes!
  • I'm really really scared. I had an absolutely horrible time giving birth to my daughter and I burst into tears every time I think about doing it again with this one. But it'll be so worth it in the end, I just hope this time its a nicer experience.
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