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how long does colic last?

hi everyone my little girl is 13days old and shes got colic! wev invested in infacol and the dr browns bottles but shes still in pain. i can be sittin trying to wind her for over an hour and she still doesnt give me anything the poor little thing. i was just wondering how long colic usually lasts and if anyone has any ideas of what else to try? thanx x


  • Hi holls85

    I was recommended to used Dentinox infant colic drops, might be worth a try. Sorry not too sure how long it last for?

  • Hi Holls85,

    I've heard that from about 3 months old your baby should get out of Colic, however, my son had colic until he was 5 months old and even now at 6 mths he takes a little while to bring his wind up.

    Shama x
  • My lo is now 10 weeks old and has had really bad colic from about a week old (some days screaming all day long). I tried dentonox, infacol, dr brown bottles but the only thing that really seems to work for him is colocynthis granules - you can get these in Boots (cost about ??5). We no longer have all day crying and now just tends to be small bouts here and there and the granules really do help. I've been told that colic usually passes about the 3 month stage so I'm ever hopeful!

  • thanx every1 for your replys im gonna go through them and see what works for her x
  • Hi, our little boy is 10weeks and has bad colic at nights times usually starting as early as 7pm and lasting untill 2am on and off. He is a breastfed baby and has had constant trouble with his bowels, sometimes going upto 12 days without soiling his nappy. We have tried infacol, colief and woodward's gripe water. The infacol did work but only for a short time. Colief is also very good but is akward to get ready as it recommends mixing with breastmilk/formula before feeding to your baby. Thr gripe water has been the best for us up to now. We have had to also arrange suppositories and lactilose to help him get going. We also got recommended trying a different brand of formula to see if this helps as we sometimes struggle to keep up with our sons feeding demands and we have to use the odd bottle here and there. Hopefully it will pass soon. Hope this helps. 

    Matthew & Corinne

  • At max it lasts up to 3 months and in some cases one can get cure only in 2 weeks also. So, there is not any fixed time period for this.

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