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CD1 for me - woo hoo!

Hi to anyone who still remembers me. Haven't posted for a while as have been wating for first af since coming off pill in January. It finally arrived! Can start officially ttc! image) Good luck to anyone else still in limbo land. x


  • Oh gawd thats a long wait!
    I came off the pill at the end of march and had my withdrawal AF 1st week of April. Am now on CD35 and getting very impatient now :\?
  • Yes it was a long wait - thought it would never happen and was just waiting 'til June when doctor said she would give me something to start it off, to be honest, then it came naturally when I was thinking about something else (we're buying a house!) Hope yours comes soon x
  • Hey Manicmiz
    I have been keeping an eye out for you and wondering if your AF ever turned up!!!
    How long was that cycle in the end? My first one was 52 days and I'm now on day 46 of 2nd cycle and still no AF again. I went to Dr China on the weekend though and have started taking traditional chinese herbs to regulate my cycle and am starting accupuncture on Saturday. I am very excited about that!!
    Hope your first official month ttc is successful or at the very least your next AF comes round much quicker this time!
  • Wowo thats a long time. Lets here it for TTC. Good luck manicmiz
  • I am really pleased for you. Good luck TTC x
  • congrats manic miz!! good luck with the baby dancing!
  • Hi welcome back, i hope you have a sucessful month! xx
  • I'm also waiting for my first AF after coming off the pill in March.. hope it come soon...
  • whoohoooo!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks everyone! Will get on with lots of bding soon I promise! Think my cycle was about 105 days or something! hopefully will be shorter next time. x
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