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BFN again

BFN = 1
PMA = 0
AF = ?
roll on cycle 7 xxx


  • Ahh honey I am not sure what to say but it will happen, I know it;s hard and easy for me to say be strongbut i am sending you some PMA image

    K xxx
  • Thanks K-lou, I always feel like this for a while, I wish the hpt could put it a nicer, not pregnant at the moment would do !! I think if i ever get a bfp I'm gonna frame it ! xx
  • Hi maximaxi! sorry hun! its a tough world in ttc. Sending you PMA & babydust.x
  • I know they do feel harsh eh and it;s thayt sinking feeling when you read it as well. My friend has been trying for 3 years and had this thing where they wash his little boys and they put then in her, not sure what this is called.

    Anyway today was her test day and it was neg she was so upset and crying this morning I had no idea what to tell her.

    I just said the time if not right now and that is why it has not happened, when the time is right it will be a BFP image

  • lol I know the subjects not funny but the vision I got of him washing his little boys has really cheered me up xxx
  • ha ha ha me too, when she that to me when she first had it don we did laugh. My god i did not even know they could wash it, I mean what the hell is that all about LOL

  • Big hugs honey.... maybe next month will be your month (and mine - fingers crossed - but not legs :lol: )

    I have to say though I have visions of ickle spermies lining up to use a special shower - all with little swimming caps on and wash bags.... :lol:image:lol:
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