Bad day!

Hi girls,

Sorry in advance for the moan, but i'm having a really bad couple of days and don't know who to talk to!:cry: I am 25 weeks now, but haven't seen a midwife since I was 18 weeks or so as when I phoned up to make an appointment I was told that my midwife works in a different area now. There is a group midwife clinic every thurs, but the only midwife doing those at the moment is really horrible and unhelpful.

Yesterday I had pains all over my bump and my baby seemed distressed -it wasn't kicks but felt more like agitated movements! I am sure it's nothing, i know i'd be more worried if he didn't kick at all but it just didn't feel right. Then I had pains in my back and chest all night and so got no sleep which is making work today really tough!!

Any advice or kind words would be lovely - I know I am probably over reacting but it is hard when you can't call someone to reassure you!

Jennie xximage


  • Ho Jennie sorry to hear that you are having a hard time! If you are really worried you should call either your midwife or even your labour ward and they should see you. I went to my labour ward and the staff were so lovely and really put my mind at rest when my lo was playing up! I am sure nothing is wrong but at least it will put your mind at rest! Tammi xxx
    34.5 wks
  • i agree with tamarbell, go to the labour ward there geat, its just the waiting that bugs. plus have u loged into theres lots of mums theres. also maybe just two handy sites. silverrose xxx
  • Thanks for the sugestions! Am feeling a little better tonight, I think it is all just normal pregnancy stuff I need to get used to!

    Jen x
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