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We got our BFP!

Hi girls,

Well I did the clear blue digital test and after an agonising wait the word 'pregnant' popped up! Feels so much more real now but still very early days!

I have all of my symptoms written down at work so I will add them on here tomorrow.

We are sooooo excited after our 12 months of ttc we are finally over the first hurdle.

Hope you all get your BFP's very soon.

A xx image


  • WOOOOHOOOOO!! congratulations hun i knew it would come up. xxxx
  • congratulations babe!!!! hope u have a healthy happy 9 months xxx
    hugs xx

  • Congratulations!!! When are you due???

  • I think it will be due on about the 17 Jan which is my Mum's birthday, she passed away a few years ago so that is kind of weird but nice.

    It all feels so strange.

    Thank you so much for your congratulations! This has been my first month on here and it has been so good for me so thank you all. You have helped me keep the pma up! xxxxx
  • YAY and yay yay yay, Congratulations
  • Yeah I'm glad you did the digital one this evening - couldn't wait to hear in the morning!!!


  • Well done. I'm due a day later than you. See you in the Jan Forum.
  • aw congratulations!
  • Congratulations hunni xxx
  • Congratulations - am going to test at the weekend and so hopefully some of your baby dust will rub off on me too image

  • Congratulations!! I would love to know your symptoms - I can see if mine are any similar!!

  • Congratulations. You must be delighted after such a long wait. Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy xx
  • congratulations image xx
  • congratulations

  • Thanks everyone, I still don't think it has sunk in! I was wide awake so early this morning! Sending you all lots of baby dust (it worked for me image). xx
  • Congratulations, well deserved!! Can you send some baby dust our way!! x
  • AnsyM - that is great news!! I've just logged on this morning and I was going to leave you a message if you hadn't posted yet but see you did it last night!! You must be over the moon. Well done and I hope you have a happy, healthy and fun pregnancy! xxx
  • Thank you so much Mrs Hopeful, I am very excited. Can't quite believe that we did it. xxxx
  • I'm excited for you!! God knows what I'll be like when I get my BFP!! We've been trying for about the same time as you and I have good thoughts about next month. I know I missed OV this month so have another 3 weeks to go before I OV again but dh and I are away for a week so will have lots of bding anyway!! Really, really pleased for you. xxx
  • Aw, that is so sweet. I am sure next month will be the one for you! Keep up the PMA and you will be fine. It is hard waiting so long for the BFP but when it does come the wait almost feels as if it has made it all that more special. I really relaxed about it this month and we only bd about 3 times over peak days... once at 7pm the night before peak day (I heard 7pm is a good time!!) and then we didn't do anything on peak day but the day after we bd in the morning (sorry tmi). I lay still after each time for about 20/30 mins as well. Keep me updated and I will keeep my fingers crossed for you. Sending lots of baby dust. A xxx
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