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Parentcraft classes

What a load of rubbish, i had my first one lastnight in the local birth centre, the midwife was a witch, theyre supposed to be every week for 4 weeks, but she said "she doesnt like doing them so shes only going to do 2", she said "it will all be easily squeezed in!" She went over everything, very briefly, birth, pain relief, gave us a tour, infact it was so quick i can hardly remember. She was mid 50's and obviously very set in her ways, as she clearly pointed out that if a woman is adamant she is not breastfeeding "they will still make her try", who needs this pressure when you have been through labour? We also watched a video and the baby was cleaned before passing it to mum, when it finished she laughed and "said we dont do that here, you have the baby on you straight away", i said that this is what i wanted and she just shrugged her shoulders and said "sorry but this is how we do it". Why are there such cows doing this job?


  • Hi Tasha
    I'm disgusted reading your post, I can understand the parentclass was bad as mine weren't great but the fact that you don't have a say in how your baby is delivered or are bullied into breastfeeding if you don't want to is awful. So much for birth plans! If you want your baby cleaned you should have the choice and if I were you you should be adamant about that.

    Em x
  • My nhs classes are a load of rubbish as well. What to bear in mind is that most of what they teach you can be read in the books anyway.
    Is there someone you can complain to? Sounds like this woman has just been doing it forever and nobody has questioned her before, you would be doing all the future mums a favour if you get someone else for them!!
    And I agree with Em, stand by your guns re your birth plan, she's only one and there are lots of others who I am sure will be far more sympathetic to you.
  • I really think we have to start complaining about these negative midwives, and praising the great work of regular midwives.

    I've had nothing but good treatment so far from my two midwives, Fritzi and Alethea, and I'm going to take 2 mins after baby's here (honest!) to write a short note to the health authority to commend them.
  • Thanks everyone. Now, ive had time to calm down, ive thought about it!Lol! Well, she wasnt my actual midwife that ive been seeing, she was just doing the classes, mines a lot younger and outgoing so ive written a list of things that bothered me to speak to my midwife about when i see her next, and am hoping that its not a case of procedure on these things and its what the actual lady in labour or just given birth wants. Im also going to put a copmlaint in about the other woman, as now i look back she was quite forcefull, and dont think that this is a very good quality to have with hormonal, heavily pregnant women, especially first timers!
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