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Morning all bit of a strange question!

Firstly I haven't been around much this week so haven't had chance to see any BFP's - good luck to all who has had them!

Well I've been keeping notes of AF etc for last three months and I've been dead on 28days every month, after 'lurking' on here over the past few weeks have actually noticed CM yesterday and when I looked yes I'm about due to OV, I never even gave CM another thought before but now it's all clicking into place! Just wish we could TTC this month! I've never wanted a holiday to come and go soooo quickly! It's looking like July will be the first month of TTC as I will be away right bang on ov next month!

Anyways my strange question is this, I've woken up with a really sore throat this morning and when I've looked back over my diary I had exactly the same at the same time last month, bit weird and prob just coincidence but anybody else get weird symptoms at around time of ov?????

p.s thanks for all the posts on here, even though I'm not ttc yet as it's my first time I'm a bit bewildered by it all and you make it all make sense!image


  • I thought i was strange! I'm glad you posted this, I get symtoms like I'm getting a cold around ov. I thought it was just in my head , you know need to bd now so don't feel 100%. Maybe you're onto something?? xxx
  • Hi sep2612

    Not sure whether these were around time of ov, but have been having symptoms I've never had before! I stopped the pill end of March, so this is 2nd month ttc.

    I haven't had anything this time, apart from af type mild pains, and twinges on right side of abdomen. Now these are classic ov pains, but they start a couple of days after af finishes.

    Last month, I had a dizzy spell sitting down, and had a panicked feeling then started reaching. Not like I was doing anything to panic over, just washing my face!! I have had a sore throat, just in the morning, then it goes. Also have had a headache on and off ever since coming off pill. Not sure whether it is even related to anything!

    Our bodies are strange and wonderful things, and I'm sure however much we try, we'll never fully understand them!! image:roll:


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  • I came off the pill end of Dec and this is the 3rd month of 'proper' cycles. I would never have noticed anything before but I've been keeping an 'extra' eye on things as we want to start ttc mid july. I've got a wedding in Vegas to go to in June so that will be my last blowout! even though we've been 'dicing' with things I'm def not pg so going to be extra careful for the next month! Not going to stop the bd'ing though!! practice makes perfect and all that!!

    Mithical - now I think about it I've had two days of constant headaches and dizzyness this week as well so I reckon all these symptoms must be related!

  • I just find it so confusing. I'm so aware of every little thing. Like you say.

    I'm going to be a nightmare in my 2ww. Although I already have enough symptoms to be going on with!

    Must just be hormonal!

  • I've found I get a sore throat leading up to af arriving. It is one of around 100 symptoms of pms (god aren't us women put through it every month lol) and so is also possible its a ov sign too.

    My 1st 2 months of ttc brought along with them loads of symptoms in my 2ww that I'd never had before af before. Last month they stayed away (hurrah!!) but unfortunatley af didn't! Our bodies are mean and cruel to us at times and I'm sure ttc brings out more mean and cruel things than ever before!!

  • Hi SB

    I got told years ago I'm allergic to dogs. I have two that sleep on my be! So I put my blocked nose down to them in the mornings!

    A couple of years ago I had a headache for 2 weeks, and dr said it was hayfever. So my sneezing, headache and blocked nose could be down to that too!

    Obviously with ttc off my antihistamines, which doesn't help! xx
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