Passing the Time...?

Hello I hope hope all mums and bumps are well!

I'm going in to be induced in 27 days time. I know a lot of you have to wait a lot longer but it seems like such a long time away.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what I can do to pass the time. I have a 2 yr old and when my SPD calms down during the day I try to get her out to the park especially as the weather is so nice. I have almost completed the baby's room now, just got to put the cot up (well OH does that). All lo's clothes sorted, hospital bag sorted. What else can I do now? I am SOOOOOOOO bored you have to help me!!!

Sorry to winge I know there are others worse off than me, but I'm going crazy.


  • Bless.
    You poor bored thing you :lol:
    Do you have friends that don't work? You could make the most of this lovely weather and have lazy lunches (get them to do all the work though while you chill) or maybe have a pamper day with them, a real girlie hair, nails, make-up thing. I'm sure you're 2 year old would love that too (visions of 2 year old being dressed up and made all pretty :lol: )
    Or of course there's bubble gum tv. You know, all the rubbish that is generally on from 9 till 3 9 (might make you completely mad though)
    Good Luck and hope all goes well on the big day.x

  • Yeah, that sounds like a laugh! I just can't stand day time tv. This morning's ok i suppose but jeremy kyle....oh my god I think i'd rather sit and watch runny poo dry!! Sorry tmi.

    i'll have to ask my friends over. might go round theirs actually to save cleaning up mess. thank you! xxx

  • ive got 24 days left, and feeling the same! actually cant be bothered to do anything today its so hot and have nothing to wear, going to try to get maternity dress from town, but my spd is still so bad, they gave me crutches, but hardly any good when you got toddler! i feel so damm drained . any1 feeling like this?
  • yeah - i just feel like I can't be bothered to get out there. But I feel so bored being indoors. I'm so moody too. Oh tried to make the BBQ up last night and it took ages to get heated up, I was getting so annoyed. I was hungry and said stuff this and ended up cooking under the grill.

    Jennie - they wanted to give me crutches too, but how the hell are you meant to get around with a toddler too??!! Are you being induced too?
  • yeah well thats what i said , but they insisted and now they are in the boot of my car. well went to physo the other day and she said she could feel where it was seperating, and started attacking me, it was all i could do not to cry it was so painful whatever she did. was supposed to be half hr apt, but ended up in there for 70mins cause i was stuck on the bed!
    anyways seeing doctor next week but i was induced last time and really dont want it this time , i reckon if i pushed it i could but still trying to grin and bare but its so bloody hard. going to see if i can get better pain relief. R u taking any tablets?
  • I finished on thursday and spent all day friday baking! just had this urge to make some brownies...all of which have now gone! yummy! going to make some meals for the freezer over the next few weeks.
    i have a few things left to buy so have planned the odd shopping trip for each thing, so rather than getting it all in mothercare to save time im going to look at wheres cheapest and travel a little further afield to get all that i need. im most comfortable in the car at the min and the cool breeze when driving is lovely!
    i dont have spd though so im luckier than you girls, can you drive with it or does it completely restrict you?
    Lis 34+4x x
  • Jennie- nothing works for me. I've had paracetamols and co-codamol and it didn't help so I don't bother taking any pills now.

    I did some baking the other day, scones, but they never last longer than a couple of hours then they're all gone!!

    I am able to drive thankfully. I'm not in pain when sitting down and driving as my legs are kept together. It's when I try to get out of the car and walk to the shops that takes AGES and is really painful. My doctor applied for me to have a disabled blue badge (feel like a right old crust for having one) but otherwise I just wouldn't manage as the park spaces are so far away from the town centre unless you can park in a disabled space.

  • well ive only been taking paracetmol, and gave up cause it does nothing ... well theres no hope for us just gotta wait for baby.
    Ive actually found driving really hard and painful so sort of given that up unless im nipping to the shops , but agree getting out the car is the worst!!
    god all i seem to do is moan at the min!! lol xxx
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