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Hands up, I admit defeat...finally bloody fed up!!!!

WARNING GIRLS...... serious rant on its way!!!!

Well I'm 37 weeks and even though I have had more than a few complications I have loved being pregnant but I have just had the worst week and with the heatwave we are having down here I finally caved in last night and cried my eyes out and admitted enough was enough!!!

I'm soooo huge now and I can't begin to tell you where my ankles are as they are the same size as my legs!!! I have got a lovely tan tho so not all bad!!!

My elderly friend who was with me when my baby first kicked passed away on Thursday which was really upsetting esp as my 4 year old step son has turned into the devil and was soo naughty that day I was pushed to my ultimate limit. I then discovered work had not paid me for 2 weeks and I didn't have enough money to pay for the shopping at the till (so embarrasing). I marched to my works to be told that they are not paying me maternity leave as I am 81p short of earnings!!! 81 fucking pence!! I just started crying in the shop. I then had to meet my dad to help with funeral arrangements for our friend so was in a right mess and discovered I had locked myself out!!!!

Anyway, finally got indoors and phoned Job centre plus and they have sorted my claim out for me and we are gonna be better off on Maternity Allowance and I will get it paid weekly rather than monthly so my employer can shove their 81 pence up their tight squeeky arses!!!

I slept for about 2 hours last night as was way too hot and I keep getting really bad pains in my legs and back as baby is sooo big and heavy now!!!

I know I am lucky as its not long til my baby is here and I havn't had some of the traumas you girls have been thru but I have finally got my white flag out and am flying it high....I give up...this part is pants and I want it all over and done with!!!!!!

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend.

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • What an awful week. Really sorry to hear about your friend passing away- that must have been very tough for you. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.
  • awwww katie!!!
    really really sorry about ur friend hun xxx
    i cant wait 4 u to have ur baby too!!!! im getting impatient lol
    b4 u know it it will b ur turn and like me all ur clothes will be covered in baby sick, u will be sooooo tired u cant think but u will love it !! this is now my 4 nite i think with basicly no sleep i have no idea how im still awake!!!!!
    good luck and believe me u will soon have ur baby in ur arms xxx
    vicky n summer xxx
  • Hi Katie, so sorry that you have had a bad week. Know what you mean about being fed up! The last weeks just seem to drag by so slowly. Hope you are feeling better soon and hopefully lo will put in a show soon! Tammi xxx
    35 wks
  • Hi Katie
    really sorry to hear about your friend and what a bad week you have had, employers hey, I hope you aren't planning on going back to work for them!
    Your time will be here before you know it but I know what you mean I'm just behind you and really started getting fed up now, never thought I would coz I have had a great pregnancy so hate to moan.

    Take care of you and bambino
    Em x
  • what a crappy week! so sorry to hear about your bad news, hope you are ok.
    not long now till you have your lo with you though and then all will be well and good!
    x x
    p.s your work sound like a right bunch of tight-arses!! at least your better off on MA...about time something went right eh?!!
  • Ahhhh girls, thankyou sooo much for your replies. I feel such a winging bitch as when I wrote this this morning I had obviously got up on the wrong side of the bed and so many of you girls have had some terrible times so I feel really stupid now!!!
    My company have treated me unfairly and I don't think I am gonna go back but do miss the girls I work with.

    Thanks for your kind words and lets all hope we all have our LOs with us soon in this heat. One good thing about the heat and pregnancy is not having to worry about the wobbly bits in skimpy summer wear!!!!

    Lots of Love to you all.

    A much happier Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi,

    Just wanted to say I hope you feel a bit better, I know we have the same due date, so I can TOTALLY understand how you are feeling. I am so sorry to hear about your friend, how very sad at this time.

    I hope oyu are feeling a bit better, I am not sleeping at this stage, and the weight gain has gone mental- I am so puffed up that I am hoping that is some of it!!

    Take care of yourself.
    C xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Click....

    Thankyou for your kind words. Sorry you are suffering aswell. I can't believe I used to wish my bump to grow as I can't wait to have body back!!!!

    Feeling much better now and had a nice, stress free weekend. How have you been in the heat? I really love the sun so havn't really been suffering to to heat but just suffering due to my size. The last 2 days I have really suffered with back pain and really bad aching in my groin and pelvic area, it was unbearable at one point, just wondered if you have had the same symptons?

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi Katie - I'm sorry you had such a bad week. It's the worst thing ever when you're waiting for your lo! I sometimes felt like the biggest moany cow ever as some women can't have children so I thought I should count myself lucky but we are all like it. When I was induced and the woman in the next bed who was induced at the same time waters broke I burst into tears because I was so jealous of her!! (Obviously once I was alone!!!) But it happens in the end - I was waiting 11 days but feels like nothing now xxx
  • Hi Tiger Lilly...firstly OMG hes soooo cute. A huge congratulations hun as you really did have to wait and wait for Gabriel but from his picture he was definatley worth it.

    I totally understand you on the jealousy thing, my neighbour was due 2 weeks before me but she had her baby 7 weeks early. Instead of being concerned for her I was sooo jealous that she had her baby and didn't have to suffer in this heat ( I felt really bad but just couldn't help it!!!)

    Katie and bambino.x x x
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