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CD1 question

Ok so today I got my 1st natural AF off the pill! Its been 42 days since my withdrawal "AF" Does that make my cycle 41 days or 42. As 42 is CD1 im confused!!!



  • Hi ShellK

    CD1 is the first day of bleeding, so yesterday was CD41 (if today would have been CD 42). Hope that makes sense! Cycle is 41 days. image)

  • Thanks mithical! Im hoping that my cycles will shorten as my body is adjusting to being off the pill. I stopped taking it at the end of march. x
  • So did I! I was very lucky, cycle was 30 days. But had no idea about cm etc then. This site is a godsend for stuff like that! xx
  • Fingers crossed for both of us! Im tempted to get some cheap ovulation tests off e bay. My husband works away from home which isn't ideal but hey ho! x
  • Ov tests don't seem to work for everyone, from what I've read on here.

    But it's definitely worth a try, as your DH works away from home, you need to know a bit more urgently when you ov.

    Sprinkling baby dust, and hope you have lots of PMA. xx
  • I might get some but don't want to get stressed about it. I have PMA at the moment and fingers and toes crossed! Half of me thinks it'll happen when its right and half of me can become very impatient!lol!
    Baby dust all round xx
  • Oh you are definitely not the only one! xx


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