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bed at 18months?

I'm pregnant and due in august. My lo will be about 18 months. The baby will initially be in a moses basket but even so will my lo be too young for a bed or should I buy a second cot for new baby?


  • My little one was 20 months when our baby was born and she kept climbing out of her cot and she was a nightmare so we bought a cot bed for her and put the baby in her cot I know many feel it is ok to put 18 month old in a bed but my advice would be if you lo sleeps well in a cot let them stay in a cot and invest in another cot. When you have another one sleep will be your ultimate priority so my advice would be to leave well alone and leave them in a cot. We adapted out cot bed so our lo can not get out and its so much better as she sleeps all night and is lovely during the day as she is no longer tired from lack of sleep the night prior.
  • I think it depends on your lo. Millie is 20 months now and has been in her bed about a month. She absolutely loves it, never gets out of it and normally sleeps between 12 and 13 hours a night (as well as having at least an hour after lunch every day)
  • I forgot to say that my lo moves around a lot during the night and is often against the cotsides, so not sure whether a bed guard on a toddler bed would be enough to stop her falling out?
  • Millie used to move around alot as well so I was a bit worried about this. We did buy a bed guard but it wouldn't fit on her bed as it has raised bits at each end so we didn't put it on. She has only fallen out once and I think that was my fault! I checked on her and she was lying across the top of the bed so I moved her without waking her up. A few hours later she fell out of bed, I think that she knew where she was and I had confused her by moving her. We put pillows by her bed for a couple of weeks incase she fell again but she has been fine ever since. The bed gaurds are pretty sturdy so I think that would stop her falling out but I figured that she would have to learn not to fall out at some point and it might as well be now!
    Kerry xx
  • Thanks, thats quite reassuring. I think I will decide nearer the time.
  • hi i put a toddler bed in my daughters room with here cot when she was 16mths old we played on it with her toys and had a few cuddles 2 and by 17mths she wanted to go sleep in there without me trying at all and now she is sleeping through the night (7 till 7) which she has never done b 4 was lucky if i had 3 hrs a nite and was always in my bed by 5am just so i could sleep
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