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When did u put baby in own room/cot?

I have a 4 month little girl who goes to bed around 8pm and sleep until around 6-7am which I think is good. Trouble is like all babies she stirs thorugh the night and last night she was doing it every half hour or so quite noisily! Her crib is right next to me so my husband gets a better nights sleep (we've tried swapping places but I actually do like lying next to her!) My husband was also snoring his head off which did not help - lol!!
I've been thinking about putting her in her own room but am not sure if it is too early - most rec 6 months but I'm not sure I can last another 2.
What age did you put baby in their own room/cot and how did you do it - am I best to put her in her crib in her nursery to get used to the new room first or put her straight into her cotbed?
Any tips greatly appreciated thanks!


  • we put or lo in her own room about 4months simply coz she out grew her moses basket and she was sleeping Through form 7-7 so seemed pointless keeping her in with us... the 1st few nights were horrible though was worried i wudnt hear her even though we use a moniter.. cudnt sleep properly.. apart from having to get up and give her her dummy back a few times she slept fine..she is 9 months now and can put her own dummy back in... we just put her straight in her cot in her room... didnt wean her into it or anything... thats what we done hope it helps xx
  • Thanks for your tips upsy-daisy. I know when I put her in nursery I'll be in there every 5 minutes checking on her!

    Would we need to have the monitor in our room to check on her thru the night...? Our room next to nursery so I'm sure we would here her cry out in the night. We mainly use the monitor for when we are downstairs after we've put her to bed.
  • our room is right next to brookes but i still have the monitor on.. only because sometimes she wakes up and just winges she dosnt cry i worry that i wont hear hubby dosnt think we need it in the bedroom but i darnt not have it on. she will be fine.. x
  • evie went into her cot from her moses basket around 2month, but her cot was in our bedroom then. when she was 3month we put her in her cot in her own bedroom. we all sleep better for doing this!! your little one sounds like an excellent sleeper so i see no reason for you not to make the move! xx
  • Hi. I put my twins in their own room when they got to there due date (they were born 5 weeks early). I know all advice goes against it but my boys were noisy sleepers and they were keeping me awake. I felt i would make a better mum if i slept when they slept. They were in the room next to us, i used a baby moniter for first few weeks but interferance was dreadful so stopped. i often woke just before they started to cry so i reckon mothers intution helps xxDBxx

  • Barnaby was about 14 weeks I think - he'd completely outgrown his moses basket and so I moved him into his cotbed in his own room. He's slept much better there than he ever did when he was in with us!
    I haven't got a monitor for him - never have had. I think Mums are on red alert anyway, the slighest wimper and you're awake, regardless of them being in another room.
    I would say expect a couple of sleepless nights (that's you not the baby!) but after that you'll both get used to it.
    You'll sleep better and feel better too....
  • We put lo into own room at 11 weeks - just too much snuffly/shuffling noises etc and no one getting any sleep! He has been fine - we have monitor on in bedroom as he is down one floor from us but sometimes I sleep in the spare room next to his nursery and then I don't both with the monitor cos I always hear him!
  • i was about to ask the same question on here!!
    Mia is almost 9 weeks old and the last few nights have been awful. I really think it is down to her being too big for moses basket. it doesnt sit even on the stand and she is managing to shuffle herself around as she can push off against the sides etc. i think we are going to put her in her own cot tonight. My mother has a travel cot which she sleeps in when we visit and she sleeps fine in it.
    Fingers crossed we all sleep better tonight!
  • We put Neve in at 4 months as she was too big for her crib and kept bashing her head. She had her daytime naps in the cot for a couple of weeks first but had no problems with the transition. We have the monitor on.
  • Cole went into his room at 16 weeks as he'd outgrown his basket and wasn't sleeping well because he had no room to move. I just took him in the cot for a couple of days before hand and played with him so it wasn't a strange place and he was absolutely fine the first night we put him in there.

    He is in the room next to us but we shut the door to keep the cat out so we have the monitor on all night - it does pick up his whimpering that we don't hear but thats probably becuase the door is shut
  • Harry's still in our room and he's nearly 13 weeks, but he is in his cot as opposed to his basket... To be honest, i only moved him because it looked cuter that he was really little in the cot and huge in the basket! lol i know... how sad..! But to be fair he was making far to much noise when he wriggled and woke himself up and therefore us too. Second night he slept in his cot (at 8 weeks) he slept until 6am (yay!). I think it helped that for about a week i put the moses basket into the cot and for a couple of nights afterwards used the blanket i used as a sheet (when it was cold) under him too so things smelt familiar.

    Won't be able to give him his own room yet as we live with my parents [still! Sob image but i don't think i'll have a problem with doing so when our own place gets sorted out!

  • This is going to sound awful - fin was 3 weeks... he was soooo nosey i was feeling fed up and sooo sleep deprived as it was so we put the basket in the cot... i still heard most of the noises though! they do say they sleep better as when your there they can smell breastmilk etc.... i have always used monitor and sensor alarm! xxx
  • I put Matthew in his own room at 3 weeks to cos he was so noisy. I am such a light sleeper and i hardly slept a wink. But now i get some sleep and he can be a noisy as he wants. I hear him cry tho, its just his little grizzles that i dont hear now.
  • We are on our 3rd day of eoin in his own room and hes 6mnths, hes slept from 8pm till 6.30am since he was 11wks and went 2 cot at that age. I believe a bad night will be a bad nite and good nite good regardless of wether baby with you or in own room.. So go 4 it hun.. Big step, but im well chuffed how well eoin doing! X
  • my son is six and a half months old and he slept in our room till five months then we moved him to his own room cos he was too big for his moses basket, i think as long as they are not too young it should be fine to put them in their own room, if you are worried put a monitor in your room so you can hear them cry.
  • We moved Ray into his own room when he was 7 months and it's been fantastic, he is a little fidget like me and we used to wake eachother up, now it's great! I do still check him now and then but not as much as I did at first, I was worried I wouldn't be able to cope with him in another room but I can see how much happier he is having a good nights sleep. x
  • We moved James into his own room when he was 8 wks (he's now 11wks), like others he was so noisy - I had him one side of me snoring and hubby the other! He's also very long and outgrew his moses basket and hitting the sides. I put him in his cot for naps and when I was getting ready so he was familiar with the room and cot, he went straight in to his cot with no probs. He's on the floor below me, but have the monitor on which I can hear him breathing. Although he's doesn't sleep the night through, we all get better sleep in between and he is getting better! x
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