yay think im ovulating!!!!!!! x x x

Im so excited I was in the garden earlier and felt funny shooting twinge in my right and thought mmmmmmmm maybe ov then checked in the loo and got ewcm on cd 13. I have twinhes and ewcm every month but this time its different as i have noticed it today and not before in this cycle and i think after 7months i have finally cracked it - i can read my body without using sticks.
Im just so positive and happy this month and we bd yesterday so im hopeful that we have a good chance!
I cant wait to get pg again, i really loved it with lo ... hehe lol :lol:
sorry im a bit mad arent I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I seem to be fully loaded with the stuff so here help yourselves girlies *PMA**PMA**PMA*image


  • Thats wicked news well done me love image bd bd bd thats what i say and then finger's crossed. I have had pains in my belly all day but have no idea if i am OV xxx
  • well we all know what your gonna get up to tonight then image:lol: excellent, keeping my fingers crossed and sending you lots of pma

  • sssssshhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone, oh doesnt know it yet but he will, lucky i bought a new push up bra!! he cant keep his hands off me lately! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Great news - its a relief isn't it when you can recognise when you ov. Get bding!
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