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Conceiving after Dianette

I came off Dianette at the end of last May, had one AF at the end of May/Early June and then another in July. I didn't have another period until November and then nothing since. Has anyone else had similar problems after coming off this pill? Is there anyone out there who had periods come back normally after waiting as long as me? Love to hear from you getting very worried my body will never go back to normal.:cry:


  • Hi Lyns and welcome to the site,
    I came off dianette in September last year, had no af until March this year and thats it. None since, i've been for my second lot of blood tests and waiting results. I hate being in limbo land.
  • Thanks for your reply slow, I find it so frustrating I am waiting for an appointment with hospital for scans and stuff so fingers crossed I will get some answers
  • Fingers crossed for you, i'm gonna ring my docs tomorrow to see if my results are in so fingers crossed we both get some good news soon.
  • Well if it's ok let me know how you get on hope it's good news for you, from what i've read it's just a matter of time before things come back to normal
  • i really hope so for both our sakes. I'll be back on here as soon as i hear anything tomorrow. Hope you get your appointment soon too.
  • Hi, I came off Dianette in March and still no AF!! I am taking agnus castus to try to help regulate my cycle but nothing yet...and to make matters worse the spots are returning...grrr!
  • Hi thanks for your replys, one thing I will say about my skin when I came off the pill it gradually got worse and worse, it started to become worse then when I actually went onto the pill for acne!! I have been going to accupuncture for 6 weeks, and people have actually commented on how much better my skin looks, I actually only have 2 spots the rest is scarring waiting to faid!! I also took agnus castus but it didn't seem to work for me so i've just started to take maca heard good things about it so will see how that works
  • Hi Ladies,

    I hope this helps but i was on Dianette for 5 years before i came off last October. Although i was one of the lucky ones and my periods came back regularly straight away! I don't know why this happend for me when clearly it hasn't for others but i just wanted you to know that i am now expecting my first baby so it can be good news for you as well.

    try to keep positive and hound your GP's to do everything they can to get your periods back on track.

    I hope this has come across in the good intention it was meant?


  • This is the first time I????ve been on this site and I????m so gald I????ve found others that are in the same situation as me. I came off Dianette at the beginning of March 08, after about 13 years. I????m 27 now and we are trying for a baby. I have my normal withdrawl period when I stopped the pill, but nothing at all since. Any advice would be great.
  • Congrats to you Mrs B, it's great to hear some positives after this pill, I think everything will go back to normal eventually just got to try to be patient
  • Hi ladies

    I came off dianette at the beginning of March, had withdrawal bleed then 26 days later AF arrived, only lasted for 3 days, was much heavier than before and I had horrendous tummy ache. 28 days after that AF arrived again but only for 2 days and again I was in agony for one of the days. But, at least things are happening. We are getting married in 38 days (woohoo!) so plan to start trying for a baby after that.

    Hope your AF arrives soon x
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