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fao jen24

Heya hun know its ur af day tomorrow....really hope its a bfp for u hunny u deserve it!! Have u been tempted to test hun?!? xxxxxxxx


  • Who me no never (ok well maybe) !

    Thanks kim, i did think about going out to buy a test but then i think i might doom myself, as previous months i have done this and af has arrived a few hours later so gona try and sit it out. Easier said than done.

    How are you doing?

    Jen xx
  • BE has gone bonkers!
  • It wouldnt let me sign in this morning either!!!! It went mad the other day 2!!!!! I can see where your coming from u feel any af was due cramping a bit but keep telling myself its normal..if id been a normal person and waited to test when i was late id just think af was coming....serves me right!!!! I really hope u do it this month hun, would be great to be in the jan forum together.....and a bit of advice....get the first response test....6day early one...gave me a bfp in under a minute....there alot more sensitive xxxxxxx
  • Hi Kim

    Ok i surrendered and bought a test but gonna wait and do it in the morning if she aint here by then. Symptoms - been knackered all week, boobs only started getting really sore about 2days ago (kinda strange for me as usually after ov or not all) heartburn yesterday (again i do get this occasionally) and ive still got cm. But knowing my body its just being cruel

    God im such a misarry guts lol. Hows about you hows the symptons hope your feeling ok. I bet your still testing (POAS QUEEN) lol.

    jen xx
  • Me test never!!!! lol u got me there hun!! Your not a misery...youve been very patient and deserve this so much!!! Thats the one thing i is the first day mine have felt sore (af was due today...!) and normally they ache from ov....cud be a sign hunny!!! Im ok, had my first lot of hcg levels bk today and the receptionist was a mega cow, told me there low (im only just pg!!!) and to do a pg test again in a wk!!! Have had a gd rant about my 2nd lot 2moz so praying they double...should find out monday...but may ring my docs and get them to ring up b4....not sure i can wait all wkend!!! Apart from that im knackered and feel sick...! I cant wait for ur post....u guna do it first thing? x
  • Yeah bright and breezy feels like groundhogg day.

    Im really not expecting a positive i think because im used to seeing so many BFN. God im nervous dont know why ive done this so many times.

    What a cow i would put in a complaint about her. Well the symptons are a good sign. I think youve got a strong bean there.

    Whens your hubby home?

    jen xx
  • Hi Jen

    Sorry to jump in, good luck for tom, my af is due sat i thought about you earlier i knew we were due around the same time.

    Had my first hospital appointment on Mon...
  • Hi annette i saw you were on last night did a post for you but think its now on page 3.

    How did you get on? Was thinking of you.

    How was Rhodes?

    jen xx
  • Hi

    Jen just replied to the thread sorry didn't see it
  • Hi

    Jen just replied to the thread sorry didn't see it
  • Good Luck Jen- I would love to see some good news on here later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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