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How long to get BFP?

Hi Everyone

Thia is my first post. I am new to the site as my husband and I have just decided to start ttc (I have been studying the abbreviations!) I am so excited!!
I am 29, have never been pregnant before - been on pill for about 10 years. I am hoping to get a BFP soon (as I am generally an impatient kind of person) but just wondered how long it took you all to get BFP once you started trying. This is my first month off the pill so I have no idea what my 'normal' cycle is and we plan to BD every 2nd day )I have read somewhere that fertility can actually be higher just after you stop taking the pill)
Thanks for your advice/ thoughts



  • Like Zoey says try to relax and see what happens and most of all enjoy it! We were the same, falling pregnant on the 3rd month! Goodluck and enjoy the excercise, lol.
    Tammi xxx
    35.5 wks
  • Hi there you sould JUST like me, I have only just come off the pill and planning on bd every two days though it sounds like hard work lol i am so the kind of person who wants something now when i get my heart set on it which is really bad, but I have been told 6 to a year is normal

  • Hi I fell pregnant within a month of coming off the pill but that was VERY quick and most people find it takes longer. If you do find that its taking a while try to just relax and not make all sex about baby making. There are special diets and things you can follow but my advice would be not to get too obsessed with it all, although I'm sure thats easier said than done because I like things to happen quickly and I know if I hadnt fallen pregnant quickly I'd have been doing everything and anything to make it happen.
  • I got pregnant when I was on the pill at 17 (no-one mentioned if you had any kind of bug it renders it useless so assume that was the prob)
    Went on the pill after a miscarriage 8 years ago and came off it in May time 2007 as I was getting married in August 07 and intended to try staight after that so used condoms until wedding. Got pregnant end of October 07 and bambino is due in 9 weeks 5days. Used the baby centre fetility calender on the web the first month, then tried copious amount of romping the next and it worked!

    Some people take ages some dont it seems to be pot luck
  • Hiya,
    We fell after 3 months trying. I'd been on Marvelon for about 10 years and wasn't expecting it to be that quick!
    Try to forget about trying though if you can - the first month getting that BFN was really gutting and it's hard getting your hopes up each month.
    The top tip I had was to replace your Pill with a folic acid tablet every day - it's really hard to remember otherwise, but I just took mine at the same time I would've taken my Pill and I rarely forgot!
    Good luck xx
  • Hi Guys
    Thanks for your replies. It feels good to talk about it with someone other than OH. We have decided not to tell anyone we are ttc - as would then find it very annoying to be asked each month.... so?
    JMP - I got married in August 07 too - did you used to be on the youandyourwedding chat page? I was RubyT on there! Also what is the baby centre fertility calendar?
    Probably I am so excited just now because this is all new - hopefully I will relax into things and not get frustrated!
    Thanks for advice too on folic acid - it is so important!
    Good luck to everyone on your journeys
    Mobo09 xx
  • Such a good point you made about not telling anyone about TTC - we were both really glad we didn't tell for exactly the reason you said. It totally adds to the pressure! These forums are a great way of nattering about it without telling everyone!
  • baby centre, have a ovulation calculater,you put in period cycle and last period and it tells you your fertile dates,although i dont gey hung up on this, we BD every other day anyway.
  • I'm 28 and had been on the pill for 10 years up until the end of December 07. The first month after I stopped taking it we used other protection as I wanted to see what my cycle length was, second month nothing happened despite lots of BD, then the third month we conceived while on holiday! I'm 11+3 now. I think relaxing and not concentrating too hard on sticking to a rigid plan is the best way.
  • We conceived on the third month after coming off the pill so we were quite lucky. The trick is not to get too stressed out about it and to enjoy the 'trying'! We thought it would take us at least 12 months to conceive so were very surprised that after 3 we had the fab BFP! Good luck xxxx

  • I came off the pill at the end of August 07 to start trying for our first and was pregnant by the end of September! Every second day worked for us. I hadn't been on the pill for that long, just over a couple of years so that may have helped. I was 34 at the time, now 35. Just 5 weeks left til my due date...

    I agree with everyone else that it's important to be relaxed about ttc and just enjoy the process. I'm not sure if stress really has an effect on ability to conceive but it can't help! We were intending to just enjoy ourselves and it happened immediately... Like others have said, maybe I would have become more obsessed and begun monitoring everything if it was taking longer, but sticking with regular sex is all that you can really do. For me it would have felt weird to just be having sex at ovulation so I didn't want to know anything about my cycles! But that's just me - knowing your cycle can be important and valuable but I think you have to judge the usefulness for yourself. I know women who started charted everything and gave up because it made them more anxious and unsure what was going on. And others who found it reassuring and helpful.

    Do what feels right and enjoy trying!
  • It took us 7 months although 4 of them I had anemia and that affects ovulation etc.
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